Instagram Account Disabled - "We'll review your info and if we can confirm it, you'll be able to request a review in the Help Center within approximately 24 hours."

It has been appropriately 2 months that I received this message on Instagram after I was been asked for security check, but still even after 2 months it shows the same message and I did not got any response from Instagram.
Can anyone help me, please


Did you try to submit the instagram ban/apeal form?
They ask you for a picture with a number and your face.
Try that way,maybe it helps.


Dear Sir,
I cannot find it,
Can you please help me finding it out.

I think until they are done reviewing he may not be able to fill the form but he can try
this is the form

Every time submit the form from Facebook u get this

It seems there is an issue on their end. I got a similar error after I submitted the form from Facebok on PC:

Can you submit this form?

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Guys I’m stressed and I want someone to make my mind clear my FB linked to Instagram and I am Athlete my page got 109k followers and now it’s disabled do you think they will give me another chance because it’s my first time to get disabled since I start Facebook 2008 and my IG 2012

Why do you think your account got disabled? (Copyright claim, impersonation, posting nudity, hate speech, etc) If it was a mistake and you did nothing then you should eventually get it back. You just have to be patient unfortunately.

It was mistake my friend sent video throw my phone to his messenger on FB and it got disabled and my IG linked and I saw many cases like this and worst and got solved and they reactive the accounts

Use Incognito browser,if that doesn’t help use a VPN also.
That works for me in sending the form.

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I didn’t get any warning or anything from FB they just disabled me

Help me please

Please help us, Just got 150k instagram account to “review” mode…
The page is totally legit, and it has been more than 24 hours since IG said they’ll review…

Try to log from the phone every day.
If you don’t get the review message but instead you get the message that your account was baned,you can start the recover process.
Use this form to recover your account

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I’m trying to use “forget my password” and it literally says that IG couldn’t find the profile, like they DELETED it!

The only way is to keep submitting requests but I’ve only got those issues with my scraper accounts so I wasn’t quite persistent when that happened to me.

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How do I submit requests, by login into the accounts every day? or there are links to submit to?

Your account is not banned yet/still in review, so you need to log in to the account every day to check if it’s banned. Once IG shows the account is disabled, you can then submit the appeal form. It can be done via app or from this page


I see, thank you very much for letting me know that :slight_smile:
So eventually, I’ll need to check the account every day without knowing when it will really be answered?
Because for now, it has been 7 days of doing that, and still the account in under the “review” mode :confused: