Instagram account hacked and blocked

Heyo guys

So my instagram account recently got hacked and now is blocked from login due to violating the tos. ofc I tried to recover it by doing the recovery formular but when I try to send it, it says “Your request couldn’t be processed”.

When I try to recover my password for the account it gives me a message saying “no user found”.

Is there any other way to contact instagram about this or is the formular the only thing I can do?

Try with these guys, they can probably help you:

Try with another email address that is not connected with any Instagram account, if that doesn’t help, change your IP by using VPN, then try to submit the form again.

did you try them and can recommend?

I didn’t try them but I’ve heard they’ve helped many people with the same problem. I think that the service is legit, no need to be worried.


Curious to see if you were able to get this account back or not yet

Yeah, I’m interested as well. Let us know please :slight_smile:

I’m also wondering if you can get your account back or not. Especially considering that recently I was wondering if there is someone who could manage an Instagram account for me, it seems scary that, having gained popularity, it will be hacked or stolen.

Check the sales thread, apparently since August last year they’ve not been delivering good results if any. But 20$ per month is a low gamble if this has even any % chance to recover your account

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