Instagram account temporarily blocked

My instagram account has been temporarily blocked - the reason for that is that apparently some suspicious activity has been detected, although I’m not quite sure what is that all about.

It is possible to verify the identity by sending it to either an email address or a phone number, but the problem in this case is that provided phone number and e-mail address on Instagram are no longer in use, because I have new ones. I never realized I still have old ones in settings and is not possible anymore to change since my account has already been blocked.

Anyone faced the same problem? Thanks in advance!

Maybe you actually don’t have that old email attached to your IG anymore. On some accounts IG would still send verification code to the old emails even though those accounts already have new emails. I have seen other users have the same issue. What you can try now is contact Instagram support by submitting the support request form.
[MAY/JUNE 2020 FIX] “Help Us Confirm You Own This Account” [SOLUTION]

Hi, did you solve this problem, I have got it too, is it because of automation or random?

I think it’s happening randomly, not just to users that are using automation.

You don’t need botting to hit it. Bot alike behavior and violation of IG terms is enough.

Did you manage to solve the problem?:laughing:

Accounts usually dead if you don’t have the phone or email it asks for.

Best to slow down any actions