Instagram Ads for followers?

Hey guys! I want to start paid advertising for some clients.

What are the best ways to get followers with paid advertising?

Including kind of adsets, targeting, budget and more!


I have done some research on this and am planning to do more, but it seems the main method is doing story ads. That is what I am planning on doing next as this F/U is becoming more and more frustrating since the block wave.

Instagram ADs can work great, i do best with video ads. i will create a video campaign, in the vertical story format, i will either link out to my youtube channel or link to whatever landing page i have, and you could actually link to your instagram page as well. But most people know that if they click your name in the top left during the ad, that it brings them to your profile. And most do, even when i link out to other platforms i still convert a lot of followers. Generally i target worldwide and run a traffic campaign to optimize for the most clicks. They convert very well. I only use instagram story ads, as you can get link clicks for as low as .03 cents if your targeting is right


You can get good result, but you need to have good content.
But be careful I see people who said engagement drops when stop ads

You should start here:


Engagement may drop. And ads don’t really tend to increase your followers too much.

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When You stop paying, engagement for sure will drop :wink:

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Hey @IGsocialize & @JakeCOYS I can see you typing. :stuck_out_tongue:

:fire: I N T E R C E P T E D :fire:

Yeah I agree with you, I think they are just a bit overpriced for what you get thats all.

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My question here will be, why stop paying? why we all want a one-click solution for all our needs?
If you are serious in this business you know that ads are a very important part of it, and of course paying one time won’t guarantee success, you need to build a plan and execute it, I know many accounts extremely well managed using ads with good ROI.

Think about it, won’t be also good to instead of paying to “dark” sites or proxies (built in basements) and automation tools, etc to create a serious ads plan?

Maybe is the time to start working with FB/IG and not against?

Just my 5 cents, by the way I’m not using ads in my accounts, yet.


Thats a good idea I think. Maybe its best to find a happy medium with ads and automation which can then yield the best results? I think a lot of people are using one way or the other at the moment.

Yes Jake, of course all is about money right? What budget you can assign to each account.
Probably this will only make sense for real accounts, people, artists, creators, businesses, brands. For the rest of spammers, memes, you name it, this won’t work.

Maybe finally we will have a cleaner IG platform?

I have used ads successfully to get from about 0 to 3k followers. I spend about $100 targeting worldwide through facebook because advertisting in tier 1 countries only was to expensive.

What I did was target a broad general interest like painting (if you are a painter for example) and used a $5 a day budget.

Best is to use a good piece of video content and in the description put a simple one liner, a couple of emojis :fire: and include a CTA like “Follow @xxxxxaccount” so they actually go on to your profile page and check it out.

Overall would I recommend it?

The results can be good and enticing. You can gain some quick followers, especially if you have a good budget and if you want to spend more, you can even target the USA which will bring you very high-quality followers (although it will be a lot more expensive).

But the problem is me and some others on this forum have experienced a lower reach and engagement after dropping ads. Apparently IG tries to lower your organic reach so you will spend more on their ads.

You can read more on that here:


Makes sense. A tonne of artists have real people behind them and are still using automation. A cleaner platform will be nice though. :sunglasses: