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Does Running Ads Affect Account Trust on Instagram?

Just had a rather fascinating thought.

If I were running Instagram I would definitely prioritize users who spend money on the platform. I would give them hidden benefits and improve their overall experience in any way possible. Surely Instagram / Facebook does this?

In particular, any accounts which spend money on Instagram can’t possibly be spam… can they? Why would Instagram block the spenders which they so desperately desire? I refuse to believe that they would allow it… but I can speculate all I want. Data talks.

Please participate in the poll below and perhaps we can draw some conclusions.

Have You Ever Run an Instagram Ad up to Two Weeks Before Automating?

  • I Have Run an Ad Before Automating
  • I Have Never Run an Ad Before Automating

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If You Answered Yes Above

How Many Days Before Automating Did You Run the Ad?

  • 1 - 2 Days Before Automating
  • 3 - 7 Days Before Automating
  • 8 - 14 Days Before Automating
  • More Than 14 Days

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What Was Your Ad Budget?

  • 0 - 50$
  • 50 - 100$
  • 100 - 500$
  • More Than $500

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Did You Notice Any Improvement When Automating?

  • Less Action Blocks
  • Less Logouts
  • Less Error Messages
  • Something Else
  • No Change

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Does Advertising Affect Organic Reach & Engagement?

I’ve seen countless claims that advertising on Instagram lowers organic reach. Have you ever experienced the opposite, or no change? Could the drop in reach or engagement be a natural result of algorithm updates, or a placebo effect? Could it have something to do with the content itself? Participate below and let’s see if we can find out.

After Advertising Have You Ever Experienced Changes in Organic Reach / Engagement?

  • Lower Impressions
  • Less Likes
  • Less Views
  • Less Comments
  • More Impressions
  • More Likes
  • More Views
  • More Comments
  • No Change

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How Many Posts Did This Last?

  • 1 - 3
  • 4 - 6
  • 6 - 9
  • More Than 9

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Thank You For Participating


I’ve mentioned this in other threads. My clients who spend $$$ on Instagram have not any ANY issues whatsoever.


Sadly is the opposite, when you use instagram ads for once or twice, after a while your engagement will drop.That’s rude move from instagram forcing you to use ads to gain more engagement


Make the poll results public. That way we don’t need to vote to see the results. Would skew up the results as well.


Just reset all subsequent polls with public results. Thanks for the suggestion! Took me a few minutes from mobile.

I’ve tested running ads on a couple of accounts before starting automation, and it’s actually worse for the account, the reach and engagement drops, it’s not good at all.


Yes, I agree. Did the same and it went down after the ad was finished. I think is something that has to do with if they hook you with ads they don’t want to let you go so they will lower the reach so you will be “persuaded” into using it again.


@mrspuf @JackGagger @ZackMD1

Please participate in the new section I created for you at the bottom. I’ve heard this from multiple sources, but I’ve also heard others say that reach didn’t change, or that it increased.

Further, reach has been dropping for over a year consistently, do you not think that it could simply be a natural curve? Was the drop drastic or subtle?

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This is interesting. Have you noticed this across the board? How many accounts did this work for? How long were they safe? Also, what kinds of numbers are you achieving in terms of daily actions?

I used Ads after I started automation in different scenarios. 1. To push interactions on posts (and try to counter low organic reach) and 2. to bring clicks to a landingpage and sell a digital product.

Here are my observations:

  1. The organic reach and interaction on the following 5 posts after the ad where about 10%-20% better than the 5 before the ad. After that everything went back to normal. The reach itself was not affected. Just after the third ad I did my hashtag reach was tanking hard (from an average of 8k to 1k) and has not recovered until today (about 5 months ago now) although I still have placed ads after it. I cant say if this is because of the ads, because I have been using f/uf in that time as well which might be the cause for the decrease in hashtag reach. (edit: account has 4.5k followings with an average ER of 14%)

  2. These ads didn’t have any noticable effect on the account itself (apart from increasing the profile visits for the time being).


I have only one IG business account and I have spent more than $350 in 50 days. Let me tell you that it change absolutely nothing. I get blocks even with running ads.


Great post as alway this data is so valuable and seems like its important.
I have personally found that just after using my paid ads my organic reach went down

But there is no way for me to be 100% sure since it could just be the content.


Wow, it sounds like if you run ads ER will go down.
You would think it would be the opposite.
Very interesting results!

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Interesting. This is contrary to most of the votes! Do you think that these changes could have been coincidental or based on other factors?

I think that this is almost definitely the reason.

Thanks very much for the information!

In my experience, spending money on ads can get great results and it will definitely help increase your accounts trust score so the likely hood you will be banned is lowered, especially if you are an avid spender. But it definitely lowered my organic reach and engagement rate which is why I stopped using ads to grow my account. I wish it weren’t so but it was my experience. I hope some other can chime in and tell us about their experiences with this.

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It definitely lowered the reach on my main account, however it hasn’t affected it too much. In my opinion you should only use them when you HAVE to, as they can affect your account.

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Thanks for the information. How about your organic reach on subsequent posts? :upside_down_face:

Thank you kindly! How many posts did the decline in reach last?

ER definately goes down I have tested this on my private account with 120k followers. my reach from 25k dropped to 7k after running ads on 3 posts. it is not because of the content for sure because I tested thes 3 times now. It takes really long time to recover. I find it disgraceful that they doing it. If there was no change in my reach or if it improved I would probably keep advertising and spend a lot more money but they just so greedy.

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Dear Zuckerberg,

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