Instagram analytics website\tool


There is some free Instaram analytic tool that I can “spy” on other accounts?
That will show me how many followers they got every signle day likes and so.


There are a lot of them. Use the search function and you will find something which fits your needs. I personally use


Hopefully this thread will help you find some tools to assist you in your IG Journey!

#4 is also good


free great ones are as already mentioned igblade and ninjalitics, I use both!
If you want/need a more in depth analysis (it costs though), check out and :wink:


if you register with 10 minute mail on hypeauditor, you get it for free(the trial ofc)


i do this on the daily lol


socialblade and igblade are the best ones imo


Social blade is only for public account though


Hypeauditor is very solid but unfortunately it is a paid tool. The details within the report is v comprehensive.


I’d say Hypeauditor is really good but its paid version.

I recently signed up for ninjalitics business (it’s free), and you can add your competitor list and check the stats everyday


thats one of the best


Personally using ninjalitics and igblade both work well.

IGBlade is limited to 10 accts (free)


why not just register multiple free accounts? most on here have multiple email addresses for registration anyway