Instagram appeal bot for deactivated account

Hi i’m looing for a bot that fills out the apeal process of a deactivated account in hopes that it gets the account back. Anyone know of any bots?


i don’t think there is a bot for that but you can apeal for that youself there isn’t much to be done except appealing a few times a day until you get a positive reply from IG

Jarvee previously had that option to automatically submit a form for reactivating disabled accounts but it’s now removed since it’s no longer working.

What does a positive response look like?

yes, I only know about Jarvee whose option is not working any more.

Deep-faking realistic handwriting is not trivial, trust me :slight_smile:
It’s way more reliable to use human labor for that, as IG uses humans to review appeals for the same reason.

There is no bot that can submit your appeals, you need to do it manually. Keep on sending until they get back to you.

Have you tried filling out this form instead of using bots? Instagram Help Center

I feel like this is a mistake, y’all Instagram team disabled my account and my followers on Instagram didn’t think I did nothing wrong , there’s no way I can break or violate any guidelines of Instagram please even if I didn’t possibly violate anything I’m sorry and it won’t happen again, I’ve been depressed than ever because I’m trying to start a business (cutting hair)
Please reach me back at my email