Instagram Client Management

When you close a new client, do you offer that he can quit every month or do you offer contracts for like 6 months with a 20% discount and 1 year with 50% discount?

Don’t offer discounts if they don’t ask for it.
We have “month to month” and long period contracts. We use the second ones for large accounts, as we deliver them more services.

If you simply grow them, “month to month” is fine because if they want to leave, they will anyway, and you don’t charge enough to go to court for that.


How do you set up the long period contracts? If you told your client this and he want to quit he can go. How you can make it that he has to stay for a period of time when it is the deal?

Contracts don’t “make people to stay”. The value you deliver them, make them stay.

Let’s say I have a 12 months contract with you, and you charge me $200 per month.
I want to leave after 3 months. I change my password and stop paying you.

I live in the United States. Hiring a decent attorney to recover your $1,800 missing will cost you at least $250 an hour, and he will probably ask for 10 hours to understand and file the case. So he will charge you $2,500 to get back $1,800, related to services that are against Instagram Terms of Services.

Are you sure you want to go that way?

Your ONLY option is to deliver value to your clients, to be good at it and make sure they beg you to stay instead of thinking they should leave.

If you don’t know how to do that, you probably want to start reading that post, written by @HenryCooper.
I do not agree with 100% of it, but the core message is very good.


Thanks for the insights lord :crown:


Too much of a hassle to try anything contract related. New clients always ask if there’s a minimum though. I just tell them, month to month, cancel any time. Services continue for the period paid for.


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Thanks for your post Lord.

I have a question for you and for all others.

If i switched to manual growth and I simple do follow/unfollow actions. Is there any way how I could provide more to my clients?

While automation is very hard to do at the moment, could I still offer them scheduling content posting with automation or that would be risky?

Maybe there are other ways like viewing stories, helping with hashtags , etc…?

I know that some people say that content creation is very useful, but i have no idea how do i learn this…

Anyways thanks!