Instagram disabled at 190k

Sorry I can’t help, but if you can solve that and can please share the answer with us would be great :smiley:

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Actually I’ve found this link at @HenryCooper profile, you could try his service

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Unbanning your account does not cost anything if you have time and are persistent. Try to be more active in the forum, once you reach level2, you will also have more access to that kind of information.


Did you use aggressive settings? Why was it disabled?

Could your ban have anything to do with fake likes and comments ? I heard they’re taking measures now.

I’ve heard of some guy on telegram that can recover accounts, but I don’t know if he’s legit and I heard it’s very expensive. I can try to look into it if you want

Hi Henry thank you ! I’ve accessed your guide and have contact with them once again, I sent photo and hoping for a reply now. Sorry for late response, apparently new users get limited replies :joy: …I will be in contact for more help if needed? Your the best @henrycooper :heartpulse: -Bella
Will keep you updated, if doesn’t work I’ll defiently be participating in your monthly banning plan lol.

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Could you look into it please? I’d appreciate all options avail at this point …

Just keep applying, it will happen sooner or later :smiley:

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Best of luck with getting it back, and let it be a lesson, anything that has something to do with nudity in whichever form can get you in trouble… I do really think you’ll get it back, you just need to talk with a person instead of an AI.

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hi henry, I had the same problem too.

they banned the profile of one of my clients.

I do not know how to do it is desperate :frowning:

(I’m not at level 2 and I can not read more information)

can you help me please to solve the ban?

Is there an unlocking procedure?

I’m willing to pay you :slight_smile:

the account is @reinefede

Thanks in advance

Since you mentioned me, I will send you a link. Check your PM.


Thank you @HenryCooper :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

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Were you able to get this solved? I’ve gotten about 20 accounts back with this same issue… just let me know :slight_smile:

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I have not retrieved yet, am patiently waiting. :crossed_fingers:t3:
Open to options :slight_smile:

please help me I’m in a panic!

since yesterday I can no longer login with my account on the instagram app.

only enter the browser!

there is some recovery with which I can enter the app

the account has not been banned.

thank you so much

Don’t worry that’s pretty normal we all go through that at some point of trying :confused: keep calm:) I’m in same position :frowning:

totally sucks! I hope you get it back soon!


I need an help too if someone can help me :slight_smile:

Can you help me to restore my account on Instagram?

there’s no need to reply to a 3-year-old thread… Just use the search button and read up on your options or get in touch with

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