Instagram disabled, new contact link?

I have tried to get my 42k account back in i while now and i have searched everywhere. 2 days ago i found a contact link in the instagram help center where i could send a reason why my account should be reactivated and. I haven’t got a response yet just wanted to know if the link have always been there, i know some of the links doesn’t work in other countries. So maybe it’s just been added to my country.


I think I have tried that one before but thanks for this, I’m going to spam them. Mine has been disabled for nearly a month😩

You can refer to this topic: and see what every one is saying there.

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It says I don’t have access to it but I want to see, do you have to be level 2 to see it?

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Yes, unfortunately.

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UPDATE: I received a mail yesterday and last time i sent a “my instagram was deactivated” request was wednesday via this link. Like they had actually read my appealing. The email was different than the other emails. My email from instagram is always in Danish, but this one was english. It was the same deal, i should send a selfie with a code. And just 10 minutes ago i received a email that my instagram was reactivated.


Amazing congratulations this gives me hope​:tada::tada::tada:

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I keep filling out this link and I’m not getting reply back emails. How long did they take for you to get the email asking for ID proof? I’ve even tried from different IP addresses😩

It took 5 days

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Oh ok thank you

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What do I have to do to reach level 2? I need to see that link:pensive:

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Pm me and we will see about that.

hello pangmann. sorry can you give me step by step to recover your instagran

I just sent a message through that link. Said it was a mistake and i hadn’t done anything wrong.

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still dont work. sorry can you help me . please give me your email. so i hope can text to you, to ask something

are your instagram get back? if yes. please you help me to. and give me some advice to get back my instagram

Hi sorry no I never got it back😩

i cant see this topic. please help me.

Which topic are you referring to?