Instagram DM Limit 2017

Hey Guys,
who is sending out DMs on Instagram?
The last 2 weeks I got lots of temp. bans for sending to many DMs.

What are your settings? Btw. doing them manual

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at 20 per day playing it safe, how much DM’s you were sending?

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7 a hour and max. 35 a day …

its strange i’m temp blocked for 6 days straight.
Everytime I try to send a DM I get this error …

I will try not to send a DM for 5 days and start slow again

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Are you sending the same dms to all recipient?


yes I do!
I did it for like 1 year without any problems …

That might be causing it. I suggest you stop dms for a week and create a lot of variation of your dms.


I have been doing 20 DMs a day… no blocks yet.

I send 50 a day, I use images for my content instead of text.

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i send about 50 a day, never had a ban.

same here. I only use a single photo.

I send like 7 dms at once. After it i wait an hour and send out again 7!

There’s your problem, I send only 2 per hour.

20 a day, with good spintax. No issues on 5 accounts for weeks.

the problem is that I am always on different Networks and Instagram might block me for that …

Limits seem to be 50 for image 20-25 for text per day.

What are the delays you use? I’m unblocked now. I was blocked for almost 7 days straight from Dming.

How should I start? Delaywise

start with 1 per hour then 1-2

i dont use dms, good results using dms?

If you’re not already using DMs, start using them now.

Very good results here.

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Thank you for sharing this. I was always curious on just sending images.

Anyone sending Links in their DM? I used to do link in bio message but i now see links are clickable on IG ( i know im late lol ) . I will be testing this out shortly… I am guessing they are treated like a text dm 20-25 a day?

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