Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YT: What growth order?

Hey guys,

This is my first post and looking over the past post I see a lot of value in this community.

I’m wondering what order you would suggest to grow a business in social media? I guess we could put a percentage of time dedicated to each part of the business as well. I know it probably depends on the business and I’m in the travel company / bucket list items / tour provider business. I want to see what you feel is best in the start and see if my thoughts are on the correct path.

I’m thinking start by growing Instagram at 50% to 75% of time dedicated to IG by using the Mother Slave method with around 50 accounts. I like Instagram because I feel you can direct people to other social media platforms and websites easily.

I feel second would be Facebook with 20% of time dedicated to Facebook marketing for now until Instagram is handled then increase that to 35%.

Twitter and LinkedIn can share the other 25% of time. I feel these will be really good to use once I’m more established in the travel space.

I just wanted to get everyone’s view on how they would go about growth and what they would and wouldn’t leverage at the beginning.


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What kind of business are we talking about? If its b2b it won’t make a lot of sense to use Instagram and you should focus more on LinkedIn.

On the other hand, if your business is more about selling products to consumers (fashion, gadgets etc.) you should focus more on Instagram and YouTube.

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Thank you for the reply.

The business is kinda like I’m selling tours and activities to end clients but I have to have a lot of communication with companies that are providing the experience as well. So say I want to sell a cage diving experience in South Africa. I’d have find an end client that’s looking to buy that experience and have a partnership, affiliate, with the company providing the experience. So it’s going to be both B2C and B2B. I see B2B being linkedIn but B2C being more Instagram.


Do you even have experience with automation at all, let alone mother/slave? Jumping right to mother slave could be problematic if you don’t have the rest of the automation(the actual follow/unfollow + sources) down pretty well. Could be a huge money sink to buy 50 accounts, proxies for them, software and a VPS if you’re trying to learn as you go. I’d suggest starting smaller, and scaling as you get better at the method.

Nope sure don’t. Everyone has to start somewhere. I’ll pick it up quickly. I’ll figure out best / slow settings on here, YT, Instagram masterminds settings. I feel I have good proxy residential resources and the buyaccs Emails I get should be fine or find a resource on here. Prob get my own sims so I’m not paying for vouchers all the time. Panel a few accounts that I don’t care about to get into a few powerlikes groups and have those go to my top 5 accounts that go back to my mother account with around 10 accounts under each of those 5 accounts.
This is the grandma / mother / daughter method. :wink:

it’s either pay someone to grow it and spend more money then the vps, jarvee, proxies, sims, panels, powerlikes. I might as well learn it and be in control of it…

I’m willing to run accounts into the ground while I learn/ test. But at the same time I should be able to learn from everyone’s mistakes on this site while also making my own. I’m trying to not hook my mother account up to anything right now. Maybe a slow f/u with big big niche accounts. Probably let’s some accounts sit for a couple weeks and start other accounts that start doing f/u to big accounts and let that run it’s course for a couple months until I touch them.

Reading a lot and watching video filled a lot of the gaps but I didn’t know what I didn’t know. That’s where the $100 consulting was money well spent…

The main thing that I feel I need to get down is the wording and how I should and shouldn’t be DMing people / using the names in my caption. How often can I tag my mother account and how often can I get around not raging it but still get follows

In that case I would use Instagram just to build up a strong social presence, so for example grow the account to 10-100K and post amazing pictures of the trips that your business organizes. This is mostly for social proof.

For youtube I would upload longer, cinematic videos of the trips.

For Linkedin, I dont know how active the ‘travel’ niche is on LinkedIn but if you want to find people that organize stuff like that I think you should look somewhere else.

I wouldn’t use twitter at all, twitter is mostly tech and crypto at the moment.

The truth is, that with this kind of business it is mostly word of mouth marketing and SEO. It is not very likely that someone will book a trip via some Instagram account, maybe you will have more success via youtube, but in my opinion you should spend more time on getting a bigger network and some whitehat SEO.

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Yes, I totally agree. The whitehat SEO is going to be a good route to go as well. Thanks so much for the updates :raised_hands:

Sh*t I’ve been replying on Instagram too much. You can tell by that last sentence