Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


I’ve thought about one idea to increase account trust.

  • verify account (blue bird) In order to trust
  • Report an error
    -Change the password
  • Make one or more sponsored ads to increase account trust.
    After doing these activities and of course breaks on your next activities
  • Change the proxy to a mobile if someone has had Internet proxies so far
  • Reset ID
  • Set a daily limit of 150/200 etc.
    See if it works :slight_smile:


Another update based on my data (100+ accounts)
In the last 3 days, I’ve been seeing how accounts get the block lifted after the sum of follows in the last 30 days drop under 6000.
Exception: 1 out of 11 doesn’t follow this behavior (5608 follows and still blocked).


ps: don’t give a f*** if the theory is called 6000/30 or Winnie Pooh as long as we can continue working.


Already tried.



I reduced settings on all fully warmed up accs. The ones under 6k can follow, the ones above cannot so far.

My biggest problem now that fairly new accounts arent follow blocked but get disabled left and right with very low settings of under 100 follows a day. I splitted follow from unfollow now, will see if that helps. Is anybody warming up accounts right now? How is that going for all of you?


Disabled you mean the account get banned?
I have 3 new clients sign up in the past 2 days but so far so good.
Today I am putting 2 more new clients accounts.


I am finding the same, older accounts are follow blocked and newer smaller accounts are able to follow freely.


Ok. But do they get disabled faster?


exactly. Disabled=banned


hard to explain this is my startup that I use for my business in affiliate
you guys let your accounts rest for 48 hours than reset device of all accounts and setup all the accounts again in jarvee with new proxy and start with low settings


@Ghosa, do you mean the accounts are permanently deleted and you can’t login and get them back? What was the threshold you think they passed?


That is scary! What kind of accounts are these? Brand new account that just created? Or old accounts but new sign up on bots?


Another major release (previous hotfix version from last week was 96.1.). I’m hesitant to install.


I have already installed it. I don’t think our problem has got anything to do with these updates. There are more front end UI changes and new functions for end users. Our problem is in their algorithm.


yes, those accounts dont get blocked but banned.


Those are halfway warmed up, so about 14 days on the bot so far i would say.


Yes I understand they are new on bots. How about those account’s age?


14 days to one month old.


My new account suddenly stop working at Jarvee.
After 2600 follow and ? Like.
all my new account stop following after 2000-2900 follow and X like.
Does it mean like include count to 6000 action to per month?


97 is a beta version that I’ve been using for 2 weeks, nothing’s changed, on 97.2 right now and it’s also the same. it’s the back end server that’s the issue not the front end.


Well, I’m always suspicious with these updates. Of course there are some user-facing features changing but what’s changing on the backend? Is there some sort of new parameter that now also gets delivered as a proof it’s coming from a real device? I’m having my tinfoil hat on for over a week now. It’s getting sweaty underneath.