Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


While this is very true, and this whitepapers information is good info. It’s A) exactly what they want you to hear, no intelligence agency the world over shares the direct information. B) They are assesing 3 key AAs’s not the spoofing of headers and Jarvee’s users. The fact of the matter is, that all Jarvee users are detectable and as a collective we account for a lot of traffic. Instagram will try to rid of some to protect the network and costs but to rid of all would be predicting that business owners have the time to sit on Instagram all day long (which they dont)


Does anyone have any insight on to how long these blocks will last? Ive been blocked for a week now and its really hitting me hard while I know several others users out there who have gotten their blocks lifted after 2-5 days. None of us use bot services but I don’t understand why my account won’t unblock me. Its extremely aggravating and I wish I knew how long this block is going to continue affecting me.


@billie_newland It should release when you get below 6000-5000 follows on the last 30 days, I’ve some accounts being unblocked with that "theory "since 3 days ago.

But is only a theory (6000/30).


Theres no way I’ve followed 5000-6000 people in the past month… I usually follow about 20 a day, if not less than that. Could it be something else?

Am I worsening the problem by continuing to like and comment on the app?


Infact, for example, Sunday IG blocked and account who start to follow from 10 days only 700 account follows in totale.


If it’s not the settings it’s your proxies


I believe that, there is many regular users with the same issue but can be a proxy related issue.

Btw I’ve some accounts released without stop activities but most of them was fully stopped till get follow block release, so I strongly advise you to stop it for 2-3 days at least or till follow block release.


P.S. I photoshoped it, so this is just a joke :smiley:


…wut. That is ridiculous.

However, I’m having an epiphany. What if the bots completely skip over all the sponsored content, and that’s why instagram is mad? lol



@Zettt They can easily know that by the daily/weekly/monthly actions as they have done for years.

While Instagram is in a position to identify all AAS customer accounts, blocking these accounts is not a desirable outcome since Instagram users still use them to initiate legitimate actions that should not be blocked (even while they are also enrolled in an AAS).

Yes instagram want to get rid of all the bots as they did when they shut down mass planner years ago, I’m more worried about the big companies that provide the tools than with my customers itself. We can always work around the limitation and do a more humanized activities but if they shut down big companies, mmmm than we have a problem.

Instagram is not stupid and they know that regular users get affected too and that is why it’s not getting worse.

Another important thing to mention, in my opinion, they are doing this to study every action from all the bot accounts/services. Check the pdf source on the end of this post, read it all and you will understand that we’re having the same issues as before.

If you think this is a normal behavior or bugs and will pass soon, think twice, read the article down below, maybe yes it will pass and get back to the activities as before but I think they’re studying all the bot accounts, what they do after the block, when blocked and after the unblock.



They are not saying it but they are thinking it :joy:


Dunno, I am just messing around :smiley:


I think you’re on to something… LOL


Do you know how long the users you mentioned had a follow block for when they still took other actions on their account?

I only ask because I’m afraid I’ll lose even more followers if I don’t like, comment, and interact with my current followers.




come on, this post is SERIOUS… i guess everyone here is spectating real and trust news


Hmm. had a 15k account fall under the 6000/30 limit Today and its still follow blocked.

I had convinced myself after yesterday that this theory was correct but this has put a spanner in the works.



@pow Now you’ve nailed it :rofl:

@lordygeek123 I know but it’s hilarious :joy::joy:

@billie_newland But there is nothing you can do unfortunately, being afraid or worried will not help, be positive and know that it will release soon.

You need to wait, it takes the time it needs, but at least 3-5 days block for all account, some blocked on 4th june released the follow block on 9th june.

Note that I’ve changed all the proxies right after the follow block wave, fresh and new ones and I guess it help someway.


the 6K limit will release? jummmm don’t know about it haha


My block started on June 4 and still hasn’t been released… should I be worried then?