Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


Ban on follows


Just so I understand this correctly.

By manually unfollowing people, the follow ban was lifted?


In one of my accounts, yes, that worked to avoid the follow-ban.
In the other one my follow-ban is still there, I’ll try manually unfollowing more people later. Weird stuff xD


Hahaha how strange, how many ppl did you unfollow you think?


when the block is lifted which settings do you use, warmup settings like 50-70 and increasing everyday or just 200 per days and thats it?

I started all accounts with the low warmup settings and it runs smoothly so far. But on two older accounts i started with 200/day right away and this is working too. All accounts below 6000 for the last 30 days.

How do you handle this?


Anyone tried to make more 6000/30 follows AFTER your account was able to follow again ?

This is really important


I have a basic question, do you know how to see in the jarvee whether the client is still blocked?
Only by running follow on jarvee will I see if there is a blockade?


Around 150 I think, yep it’s driving me crazy because it’s not working in the other account…


If you export the notifications you will see how long was supposed to last the ban, if you didn’t try to follow from other sources, then it should be still valid

tools tab -> name of the account in the filter box (just type inst) -> click exectue actions -> show notification history


Then they’re probably not related… correlation does not imply causation.



So, i’m managing around 30 customer accounts.

all of them were blocked last week, and aprox all of them are already unblock.

One of them were block for two days, and then on thursday night the block released. (less than 6k on that day, something like 5800)
So I started warming up with extremly low setting, less than 3 follows per hour, with increase and stuff.

almost 1 week after the block release, this account is around 4900 today follows in the last 31 days, so today, it did follow around 58 people ( still in a long warm up phase ), and guess what ?
Blocked again.

I’m scared about some “trail stop” that they will put on flagged accounts, something like :
Oh, you followed 6k ? take a block

Oh you still using automation? take a new block at 4k5 (i.e for exemple)
and so on…

Is anyone experiencing new blocks on fresh unblock accounts?

Thank you for the read


Just an update: 4 more accounts were unblocked today and I am warming up using slow settings. Key things are:

  1. Max follows per hr/ less than 15
  2. Max followers per day 150

I did have a new account blocked that has never been on automation before so curious about that.


I had two unblocked this morning. After 1 follow on one and 2 on the other, blocked. Both with their own ip/proxy. Both of these accounts are newer (3 months). If the theory is correct and applies for these two accounts, it’s possible the 1 follow out it back over the limit, and if so it should be unblocked again, but I doubt it. All of my blocked accounts have been blocked since the 4th, and one has been blocked for 18 days (my most aggressive one with 15k+ follows a month). I am incredibly concerned that these blocks won’t be temporary.


I was running around 400 likes a day personally and no issues with liking have come up for me. At least that I’ve noticed.


What do you think you did different that helped get those two unblocked?


Honestly no. When they fall below 6k mine will work again. Well. At least so far…


Yeees me to :+1:


i think instagram relay updated their platform they blocked me 3 week ago then i can follow again a week ago then they blocked 4 days ago then i can follow again today after i send them a message they said to me we are sorry we are updating our services


Instagram blocked me in 23/10/2016 then in 3/12/2018 then 4/3/2019 …

  • please provide a context


How did you send them a message haha?