Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]


Is there a way to export the amount of follows accounts have done in a certain time period? I see that I can do each account individually or by total amount.


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mira en en las herramienta en la opción de seguir solicitas las estadísticas, estas te muestran los últimos 30 días en mi caso el día de hoy me muestra del 12 de mayo al 12 de junio así he llevado el registro de los 30 días para no superar los 6k.

me gustaría conocer tu opinión si lo intentas, un cálido abrazo feliz día


Are you all managing client accounts or is someone doing m/s service for customers. Finding high followback sources for those in bulk will be a challenge.


@HenryCooper contact him. After searching a lot I found his service best. Very reasonable pricing, quick support, good quality proxy.


I contacted but I do not understand this ticket.
Earlier, I went to the site and went to offers, I clicked to buy a proxy and after the case.
And here you need to make a ticket, then I have an e-mail to give you the names of users on which the proxy or wrong tranlator explained to me.
Could someone help with this :frowning:


Go to the site. Follow this map:
Data Plans -> Data Plans purchase -> Ticket title (Your name/agency name) -> MP Social username -> Data plan credential ( as you are a new customer. Pick username;pass;email example: arthuditu:123456:arthuditu @ emial . com) -> Send

If they ask you to provide clients list. Provide them. You are safe with them. I have provided mine and I am doing good,


Thanks bro <3 I love you :smiley:


So here is how things is going here today, 5 accounts released the block and only 23 follow blocked that I guess will release the blocks in 5 days like much.

Now, let’s focus on sales and not numbers.

We’re not much worried about the changing as we’ve always being focused on sales and not in the number of followers so my advice to the colleagues that are worried about the number of actions per day, don’t you worry, you can still use it, adapt and move on.


I have always focused on quality so I do not have any problems with these limits, because I have always done qualitatively, so the customer will not even feel it :slight_smile: For me, if there were no changes: D


I feel exactly the same, 90% of our customers didn’t even notice and the new ones that are on trials right now maybe they will never know what happened :facepunch:


At the same time I see people talking about the 6k theory per month I see some of their accounts running above it.

So you think this is all really an IG bug?


Please tell me someone what are you doing:
I stopped all my actions on FollowLiker. about 50% of my account are blocked. Those who are not, i stopped to but I am little bit scared to start them again with lower numbers of new limits.

I also have some new customers who want to start.

What to do???


Hi everyone, after these updates by instagram, I no longer have valid accounts to scrape followers, someone on the advice?


I feel the theory is almost there, can be 7000 or 5000 but looks like they’re testing it out.

Leave them turned off till get back. After back, stop more 24-48h only the follow and start slowly and trial and error.

The new accounts are not suffering if you use the setting respecting the 6000/30 theory.


I offer them paid story Ads and run MS accounts


UPDATE GUYS: BOT is still perfectly working after 100 or so manual unfollows ¿? this is so silly LOL, I’ll do the same with the other accounts then! LMK if you tried it too plz


The ban on follows? or unfollows? I dont understand


what was the gist of the convo? if you dont mind summarizing it please


Wanted to share some updates… I’ve seen a few more accounts where the block has been removed and they’re able to follow again. No proxy changes to those, but updated to very conservative settings. Accounts restarted yesterday after being banned are still able to follow too.

I just got a follow block on a new client today. Only about 3 weeks working on their account with a total of 4,275 follows. Is anyone else seeing any new recent follow blocks on accounts?


I tried with other of the follow-banned accounts manually unfollowing a lot of people but the follow-ban is still there on this one… this is annoying