Instagram gaining 50 followers from 200 followings?

Hey, how can you gain 30 people at least from following 200, I am only gaining 10 people with good sources like natgeo (nature related account) targeting only people that liked the latest picture, and targeting people that had their last post posted not later than 5 days ago, filtering and targeting people only with less than 1000 followers and excluding shops and commercial accounts, does someone gain 30-40 followers per 200 followings, please help?

Good sources, filters and most importantly good content. People will come to your account looking to see what you offer. If your posts are shit your ratio is going to be a lot lower regardless of the sources than if you have really captivating and attractive posts to get their attention as a first impression.

So first step…make sure your first impression is as good as possible, then do source research and test test test until you find that perfect mix.


Thank you!! How to check does the IG has bots?

What do you mean ? Filtering bot accs ?

I have noticed that if you just follow followers of the account instead of the active people that liked the content posted you will get a higher follow back ratio. It is at the cost of the engagement on your account but if you’re growing a clients account with bad content sometime its the only way to increase the following a bit more efficiently.

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Of course,
We didn’t understand your question but
Estimates IG has 30/40% of Bots in our part
And IG Team has crawler’s/spider’s/bots, whatever you wanna call it to check links, Algorithm also checks everything else, DM’s, follows, likes, comments, much more to check if you’re spammy or linking accounts


Don’t forget to filter by followings number as well, not only followers.
For example, if the account you follow has 2k followings it’s obviously bot account or just doing the mass following, so the chance they will miss the notification is very high
I personally use the accounts with less than 1200 followings


I make good experiences with:

Have 50 sources in the beginning with 10k - 70k followers
follow people that have a minimum of 30 pictures, follow 300 - 1200 people and have 100 - 1500 followers
follow followers of own followers too
follow 165 - 195 people daily
like 2-4 pictures after follow (max 500 per day)

Even if you have crap content you should have 0.2-0.3 ratios, I have some 0.4-0.5 ratios but the content is on point

40-80 followers per day through f/u is possible :slight_smile:


And what about the quality of Followers? Its easy to get high % Ratios if you follow accounts with a lot of Arabs/Indians but a lot of clients will complain.

and remember that content is king. if you create valuable content, people will be more likely to follow you.

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@Vlaa You are targeting the wrong account ( How )
Natgeo is a very big account most of it’s Followers are the people who repost , bots , newbies to ig , newbies to f\u .
So instead find account with less amount of Followers n go with that
Check this out :point_down::point_down::point_down:

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You have accustomed your clients to big gains.
Give them value now.
Let him see that 500-1000 observers are coming per month.
Ale konretnych /
Highly qualitative, where statistics and sales increase, not just the number.

Hey:) i also do filters and stuff but daily 10 followers is a maximum

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0.5 ratio from 200 is 100?

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And do you have tool that tracks how active is the account, I mean how many active followers does he have , fakes and etc?

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yes but many have 0.2-0.3 too, that means the accounts have a daily growth with 40-80

If I follow good targeted audience 200 people daily with a crap content I can get 30 daily?

And secondly, I put the same filters as you and always use them and target @natgeo but 10 daily, u know what is the issue?

And why 10k-70k users not 1m 10m?

The thing is, many young people now don´t have many pictures, they only post stories and have like 3 pictures, so your filter maybe too aggressive.

Because they have a lot of fake followers, forgotten accounts, etc and then bot will take too much time to scrape

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