Instagram Growth for amateurs


It’s been shared XXX times till now so we made a mega thread:

if you want to join discussion, be our guest :slight_smile:


Hello, Im in the same position as you and I am also trying to learn how to grow. Hopefully we can help out each other :slight_smile:


Hi Carrie! It’s the same here with me. Something feels off with many of the photography accounts that I’ve come across, as well as modelling accounts. I think I post good quality original content, but I am also struggling with building my following. Have you been doing anything differently since the day you made this post and have you noticed any changes?


I have come across this forum COMPLETELY RANDOMLY using plain ol’ Google, but so far I love the interesting threads and helpful comments.
Wow people, you are the real deal!


Yes we are @buuba!
Hope you stick around as this place is the bomb-digity! :slight_smile:


Yes! And going back to forums feels so nice after having been only on IG for a while :slight_smile:


I love mpsocial.very useful.