Instagram Growth for amateurs


This is my first post and I’m going to probably seem so pathetic and a total newbie but I’m an Instagram user who will get good engagement but no growth. I’m watching everyone around me in similar niche grow like wildfire but with less engagement. I’ve been studying their accounts, lots of private accounts are following them that are within our country and look genuine, a lot have a higher follow to follower ratio. Is there something going on? I would just really love to grow and don’t know how! I feel like I can’t ask as I’m not in their inner circle.


Welcome to the MPsocial @Carrie1 You chose the best possible forum to learn IG marketing from if you stick around.

They are likely just following and unfollowing people in your country/niche via targeting hashtags on their main instagram account and targeting private users only as well. You can do the same easily with some weeks of research on here and getting level 2 :eyes:

I wish you the best of luck and hope you stick around :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Babs, I was really heartened when I saw the three dots and someone was replying. I’ve been reading all evening and was shy to post as you guys really seem to know your stuff. I got here through being burned by Social Steeze. I really want to get to level 2 as I’m passionate about building my following and post quality content. I do influencer/ad work and I’m so frustrated as penalised a lot for having under 10k followers yet I see people with over 10k and they get less engagement. I’ve already read about Jarvee and looking forward to reading (and hopefully sharing anything I know) a lot more. I can’t see them following/unfollowing accounts themselves as their follow numbers don’t change dramatically, so do you think their growth is genuine? I know I sound conspiracy theorist but something just feels off.


Jarvee is quite powerful and the possibilities you can do with it are endless, but definitely play with it a lot and read as much as possible before using it with your clients IF you decide getting it. I use it and l wouldn’t use anything else. Especially right now since there are some weird things going on with instagram on the bot side of IG that could effect your account.

Also, I’ve been with this community for about 2 1/2 years through thick and thin and give it credit where its due… IF it weren’t for the users and encouragement and guidance of the threads and amazing friends like @Adnan @wortime @ian (the list would go on for probably 20 users so I wont keep going as to not leave anyone out lol) on this forum, I would definitely not be where I am today and would not be a successful ig marketer.
This place is my home.

If you stick around, keep learning and are dedicated to this. You’ll uncover many different ways you can use this knowledge to make money or just build your influence on instagram or other platforms if you apply it in the right ways and work hard for it :slight_smile: There is a lot of competition if you cant tell :wink:

That search button in the top right is the MOST powerful thing in the world. If you think of ANYTHING you want to learn (once you’re at the appropriate level) about IG, you can likely find it here.
If you dont find the question you want to be answered, definitely open up a thread :slight_smile: just dont open up a bunch and dont repeat it more than twice before pm’ing someone like me who has the “Leader” status, just means we try and help a bunch. We may help you out if we see your message. But also remember we all are busy trying to build ourselves and other brands as well.

Again, stick around for 3 months try and come back every day and contribute. And I GUARANTEE. You wont regret it, you could have 100,000 followers or more in half a year if you learn enough and execute enough.

Just my advice, be sure to read a lot before investing in things like accounts or proxies or emails. Anything like that. Anything online like that actually. Forums are a beautiful source to learn from and get product because you can find the best if you just do your research :smiley:

Plus most the people are bad ass around here ;D


The hard thing about getting lvl 2 right now is the amount of likes that you need to receive to qualify to access the lvl 2


I am so grateful already for all the time you’ve taken without knowing me at all, it’s actually been really welcoming! Thank you so, so much! My head is whirring at the minute from reading about powerlikes, jarvee, shoutouts but I feel like I’m loving and learning everything I’m reading, I just need to work out some sort of strategy. I actually can’t believe I’ve stumbled upon here and I feel happy and can’t wait to learn more, I’ve come across those names you’ve mentioned this evening and everyone seems so helpful and knowledgable. If there’s anything I can do to help in return I’m more than happy to.


Hi Losek, how many likes do you need to get to Level 2? Thank you


^ :smiley: this should enlighten you

It just means try to be alot less shy :wink: dont forget your anonymous here.


You need to make 100 likes and receive more than 200 :frowning:


Heh thats not too bad :wink: just be nice and be actively talking. Just keep the browser open and go into it throughout the day, or however you do. You can go into your account settings and get emails for topics you spend time on as well.


Thank you so much again and I’m intending to! :smile: I even downloaded the Instagram course with the certificate haha!! Feel like a bit of a nerd but soaking up all this info! I feel like finally I’ve got some pieces to the puzzle!! And I’ll try and be less shy, just don’t want to come over as a little! Night night!


If you geniunely don’t see a shift in followers that’s very dramatic, it’s most likely genuine. They might have some keywords or hashtags you aren’t using that are driving followers. They might be part of engagement groups. They might do s4s etc. There are other possibilities rather than just “blackhat” stuff. It is hard watching accounts that you know you are better than grow faster than you though. If your seriosuly invested in an account, that you actually care about, it can be tough. I know how you feel to an extent, but honestly don’t care about it to much or you’ll want to explode.

You’d have to really track their actions to find out what they are doing. They might be using tools etc. at hours most people sleep. They also might be deleting people as fast as they follow them. Most accounts that have high followers do tend to have sub-par engagement.

Why not? Just like asking a girl out! The worst they can say is no :yum:


that right there, is the #1 reason why accounts grow like a snail- if at all. You gotta have follower ER high for the rest of the non-followers to follow you. Give 2 accounts - say 10k each –
account A has higher er but less follower er and account B has lower er but more from followers – account B will kick ass over taccount A Never put growth ever ER.


study to see of they have been tagged in other accounts for more visibilty


It’s a weird one to even bring up as ultimately they’d probably just deny and I’d look crazy. I think there is an engagement group with some accounts around 50k, the same people comment a lot and they do tag each other sometimes with meet ups etc. They all seem to get the same new followers too at the same time, some random ones into the mix also. I know I’m sounding very black hat but I just know something doesn’t seem quite right. At Christmas the accounts I’m talking about have grown by around 5000 followers whereas mine in a very similar niche (and I know I sound arrogant and don’t mean to, I know my content and engagement through comments etc is better). Thank you so much, you’ve hit the nail on the head, I’m too invested, but I’m so passionate but it also is driving me crazy and I feel I’m getting left behind!


Thank you so much, will keep closer eye on this, there has been some tagging accounts due to meetups etc


Sorry I apologise in advance but still getting my head around this, how do you mean? Getting more followers to follow is ultimately better than people who like and comment on your posts?


More exposure will result in growth for all, with that said – if ER sucks in posts, kiss growth bye bye


What is a good percentage of reach on an account? For example on 50k how high should your reach be?

I exactly know how you feel, it’s very frustrating when you know that your content is good but you don’t grow as fast. Sometimes it’s better to just start over I guess if you are flagged.


Hi, just wanted to share an article according to which instagram is starting to remove likes produced with the help of 3rd party services. How would you interpret the article?