Instagram help us verify your identity trouble

Hi, I get this image every time I login:

because I switched the email and I guess I pressed some button too many times. I switched successfully; I reset my password many times and it sent the reset link to the email I switched to. But when I login, it gives me this page and it sends the verification code to the wrong email, the one I switched from. So yes, I do get all the password reset links, but it still doesn’t send the verification code to my email.

I’m having the exact same problem… i do know the password to my account but still they send me reset links… to the other gmail that i used which ( i dont have access to ) i have changed my gmail but still they send the code to the other gmail.
Did you fix your problem ? Did you find a solution ??

Try submitting a support request form. Choose “My account was hacked” .

If you have a FB account that runs ads, you can also try to contact the support via FB live chat.