Instagram inactive users

Hey guys,
By any chance, have you any idea how to get rid of inactive users? Or how to know if they are just not interacting with the account?

I use an app called cleaner. Easy and straightforward to use.

you just download it from the Playstore?

There are phone cleaner. Can you send link or more details

Here’s a link to the app I am referring to - (it’s okay and does the job).

another strategy that I use, that I think I prefer more now is;

  1. scrape a list of your followers using Jarvee, (tick ‘scrape additional info’)
  2. import your data to excel
  3. use excel filters, to see which accounts have no profile pictures, or follow over 7k people - TAKE TIME to get creative to filter down the type of user you would consider to be spam or not your ideal target audience
  4. copy and paste that list to Jarvee to unfollow those specific users.
  5. done

I wouldn’t use any third party tool for this, you will be flagged by IG, just do it manually or scrape your followers with other account in order to filter them.


I’ll second this. All these unfollow apps will have a high risk hitting account compromization.

And all those I have tried will never be able to screen follower and followers’ list over 1000-2000 followers.
What these apps does to begin with, is to scrape all your followers and followings at once. That is wayyy to many calls to make at once you’ll definately hit blocks.


I use the same app. I haven’t had account compromised, but my account probably just has a very high trust score


@Powerlifter has success with it, however – be warned – it has a damn high rate of blocks –
i stopped using it last year, it works sooooo sweet – when it worked. your call.

I rather leave them. Concentrate on ER –
i wrote this awhile back
“simply fatal to an account – removing so called ‘ghost followers’ is the fastest path to see your ER go into the toilet.”

you delete people who engage that cannot be tracked.(shared, dm’d, story posted, saved. )


I agree with that, 100%. I only unfollow ghost follows/those that unfollowed me. But NEVER remove my followers. What are your thoughts on the new algorithm ? Has anything changed for you? @Alexnvo

yeah, it changed – for the first time ever I am losing followers on all my pages. I don’t have a clue what is going on

Right! I feel like my unfollows are higher. I don’t know what’s going on either

one of my clients also losing reported brazil country went down in % in insights, wonder if that has anything to do with it – daily massive purges? I honestly don’t know. I have lost 100k since the start of march to today

I think they are purging bots/inactive accounts. But they have also severely reduced reach. Hashtags rarely even work anymore


think about this for a second, if less bots that no longer like – reach goes down since less likes from the bots. It may be the true figures since bots can’t like the hashtags or posts.
We know bots like – less follows since they are purged meaning unfollows go up. I don’t know, just a wild thought.

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That’s true. I just wonder would bots target our accounts to follow since they have over 20K? Or maybe it’s bots that escaped previous purges

edit: I forgot about that new suggested unfollow feature… that sucks.

i don’t know – I can afford to lose followers, many cannot. Hope it stops soon else – many going to leave.

Yeah, I’m concerned as well. I don’t know why this new algorithm change was necessary. I feel like Zuck and co are determined to destroy the app

i really don’t think the algo was changed one bit – the new AI edgerank system is in charge – now honing in on less posts with more users.