Instagram Is Down Megathread (Everybody panic!)

Hey guys

I thought we might need a thread like this one. I searched the forum and couldn’t find one. So I created it. Also for future use.
In this thread we can inform eachother whenever IG is down. Just to make awareness.

Right now at this same moment IG seems to be down and people are reporting.


Yeh mate I was about to post this too.

This is the worse its been in a long time - especially such a short moment!


Great bro. I bet this will not be the last time we are gonna inform eachother about it. Thank you for your contribution. It has truely been hit badly it seems like.

Maybe they are removing all limits and blocks :drooling_face:


Never say never! Life is full of spontaneous things :sweat_smile:

The outage is mainly in the UK and America. Very hardly anywhere else…


We can only hope for easier days :man_singer:
Mark might feel pity for us, and as x-mas is near, increasing the amount of api calls would be a great gift :grin:


A Christmas present to us all! God bless him :hugs:


also in The Netherlands

but it is 23.55 right now so a lot of people are asleep

uk is 22.55


Ppl complains about dms so maybe dms update?

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Instagram is pee pee poo poo


I was just sending in a deactivated account appeal form and I got the “The short link URL you provided is not a User”. I thought it was gone/deleted after just 24 hours! :frowning:
I hope it is because of this issue on instagram right now. I cannot open other people’s feed page either. .

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Let’s really hope that for all this time since March that it had been a mess up on their end and now they’re now fixing this?

More actions?

Consider that ten of thousands totally normal app users get blocks too.

Maybe they’ve listen to the community?


I think it’s just a holiday related problem, shit hit the fan while everybody was heading out for a long Thanksgiving weekend in the US and they had to get people to work remotely / scramble to get into the datacenter/offices to fix whatever broke.

Having been on that side of things for non-platform “issues” before, I know how things can go south when everybody is out of the office, it’s happened to me and I had to work most of Christmas one year… but still it’s no excuse for such a powerful company.

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This tech world is so fascinating. I’m inspired :+1::+1:

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It looks like a new IG outage, a really big one according to number of Reports on Downdetector, i recommend you to stop your activity until its back in good way again.

I discovered it because i was having issues for perform any action.

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For an hour and few minutes… they will revert everything, we’re going back in 2017 :blush:


Works fine in Germany

Until you wake up and it was just a wet tiddy dream @Digital7Boy

They will never ever go back. Expect this to be these limits and blocks to be average day


This is their way for give us a good Thanksgiving day :rofl: