Instagram Is starting Hiding Likes

Today i got this message


Change test on how you see Likes
We want your followers to focus on what you share and not on how many Likes your posts get. During this test, only you will be able to see the total number of Likes if your posts.

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Yes, started in Canada, and now: Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand

Awesome! Next month they’ll hide the app. :sunglasses:


Well it will solve the like action blocks problem and smm panels being dead i guess lol


Ah ah. Now they will go back to buying fake followers, until they hide that number as well. The number of likes will still be important for influencers who work and get paid IMHO.

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content will become more important and relevant. I’m unsure of the impact but i’m sure it will be beneficial to the content side

Spammers gonna spam man. Nothing will change. It will actually get worse trust me.

My fear with this is your followers number will become what everyone judges you on. But if you can’t see engagement why not buy cheap fake followers and just get a huge number quick.

Yes but shit posts will mean nothing anymore without their backing of likes. Tons and tons of meme accounts will suffer and all those faking things with likes will go away

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Exactly man. I’ve been saying this since they started the test in Canada. Followers will be all that count. Until they’ll hide them. Then there will be no point in using Instagram anymore.

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I really really hope this is true. I personally can’t stand people living off other people’s content like repost accounts. Let’s see what happens.
I think it would honestly be very easy for Instagram to discourage those kinds of accounts if they really wanted to. Instead of doing all the shit they are doing right now like hiding likes why don’t they just boost accounts that actually create good content? Increase their reach instead of reducing it to ridiculous levels… But we are talking about Zuckerberg here. Nothing of what he does make sense…

Has anyone figured out anyway to bypass this? Browser settings/VPN/proxies?

it’s expanding its hidden like count test, which it first announced in May, to six more countries: Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. The test started in Canada

I tried using a VPN to connect to Canada when the update was first released a few months ago but nothing changed. So I’m not sure a VPN will do the trick the other way around.

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Am i the only one who is looking forward to a “fake free” enviroment?I only hope one day i won’t have to see those spammy comments too,God i had those.
Looking forward to a spamm free platform.

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So much potential with this, really like it :slight_smile:

It is a loss and a gain tho. Whoever relied on shoutouts as marketing will have a hard time to expand his business to new follower bases.

Now is the time to buy those big inactive accounts for cheap. Everything under “smm panel” (hate that term but using it here because people know it) price per follower and you will make a nice profit.


True… I was hoping for this feature to be rolled out as soon as possible. But the funny question here is; Will there be more likes on average or less? :thinking::joy:

I think it is only good for us. We dont have to worry about likes when managing spammy accounts.
The only question is: if the user gets a new like, does he/she will get a notification?

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Probably less. Someone already reported this but we will need more people giving their feedback.

Don’t think so… Good content should probably get a tons of more likes and engagement.