Instagram Is starting Hiding Likes

Why should it be impacted as such

I have a tattoo artist - He’s 4th in Europe by his skills(no kidding, he was 4th at European competition). I started to manage his profile, all pictures are top noch srsly, but one of them gets 300, second gets 1800. Its wierd since every user decides to like or not in first 60min of posts depending on how much others liked.

Try to think like an average users. They’ll get frustrated for not seeing their likes. What do you think they’ll do in return? Like less pictures.

You can see your own likes and why would anyone need to know the amount of other picture likes? They can somehow range it if their friends liked it or not…

You serious? That’s basically the foundation of all the social media. Tell a teenager girl that the number of likes she gets compared to her friends don’t count.

IG is starting to turn into Pinterest


I think it is better for automation client managers, right ?
No need to buy likes for costumers, and the follow count is now more important.

I don’t like the like anyway, no real person do like (maybe 1 out of 100 images) while many ppl I asked did saw the image and liked it but did not press the like button ever.

There will be a new metric - Followers = overall popularity between teenage girls…

Exactly. So people will go back to buying fake followers and nothing will really change until they hide that metrics as well.

Thats why they are putting measures into creating new accounts - Fresh gmail are not working anymore, even old ones not. For me only telephone numbers. So yeah about that…

This will never work. I can’t imagine that the companies who have already spent millions on advertising to get those likes would be too pleased to see their vanity metrics disappear overnight.

Also, to be quite blunt I think that Instagram is completely and utterly detestable not to remove the number of likes for the poster as well. It’s still going to be as addictive and now people are going to start having private conversations about how many likes they get in person because nobody can see it publicly.

In any case, I hope that it ends up being a choice to turn off - in which case I’ll personally 100% do it on my own account and never have to worry about Instagram’s ridiculous organic reach problems again.


That’s definitely not possible. Maybe you device is flagged or something. There are millions of people out there with gmail accounts and I don’t see Instagram flagging Gmail as spam.

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If they bring it in, there will be more bots :slight_smile: Because people will already look at the number of observers and every client will want to go for the quantity.
I am curious about this test, in my country how a popular person did the survey, the majority and the big majority was NOT :slight_smile:

If you do a survey I bet 90% of the people will want to go back to chronological feed, yet Instagram doesn’t give a shit.


On the one hand, I’m happy if they would introduce it, but on the other hand I would don’t like it to be: D
This is my internal quarrel: D
I am curious as to how it will develop, whether it will be accepted :slight_smile:

Majority of people don’t like changes. There’s no room for people in this forum just seeing things negative. Instagram has its own reasons. As a Marketer you should adapt and learn from it, but thats not the case for you eh

Seems like you can’t stand people with different opinions. Fortunately we don’t live in North Korea.


I am excited about these changes :slight_smile:
I watch, I watch how people react, I learn :slight_smile: Well, now it’s just that I’m so excited :slight_smile:

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To be honest I have been thinking about this since they mentioned that they wanted to test hiding likes.
If anyone remembers facebook in the beginning, everything was visible. But later they created the option which allowed you to hide your friendslist, and then the option of only allowing the friends of your friends to do some stuff came.
If the same things are going to be implemented on IG, not only smm panels die, but automation will be much more difficult. I mean if you cannot scrape users from quality source due to not being able to see them or search for them, who would you target? Maybe you would say there will always be millions of people not hiding their friendslist, maybe but how relevant would that be for your niche or business.

Automation will still be possible but we will need to change and adapt. For example the likes right now are not hidden, It’s only the total number that is not visible but you can still click on the list of likers and check them out. While this is pretty much useless for a regular user for automation I don’t think anything changes. We need to have the feedback of those having this new feature enabled though.

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