Instagram marketing agency help please

What should I do if I am going with the aim of creating digital agency by that I mean helping people to grow their Instagram pages ik at first I should create my own different niche accounts and all and what after that I mean
Should I open a page naming digital agency cause I don’t think I will be getting much follower by opening this type of page it should I open a page with business niche related giving business advice you get it I think what I mean please help

You can buy an established IG account, then change it to be your marketing agency account. There’s no need need to buy a very big account, just an account with a few thousands followers.

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Thankyou soo much you have been replying to most of my questions thanks a lot mate I have something that I wanted to ask
Where can I buy those accounts and ages accounts are also same as this accounts or ages accounts don’t have any follower?