Instagram marketing truth about hashtags


Would you agree that hashtags are basically useless and pointeless?

As someone said:
“The majority of the likes and follows you get from those hashtags fall into one of two categories:

  1. They’re real likes from fake people. (See: people who don’t actually exist, aka bots.)
  2. They’re fake likes from real people. (See: people who only like and follow in the hope you’ll return the favor.)“

And it does make sense, since i almost never see any big page using hashtags or very very rarely, they are all based on quality content and they dont want likes without real engagement.

So, no opinions?

Hashtags are a great way to gain quality followers. So I persoanlly disagree.

  1. The botting days of pure amateurs are gladly over. So this has drastically had an effect on useless “bot likes”. And all those fake bot accounts that liked anything or everything to be seen, in hope of getting followers.
    Automation is much more hardcore and people who manage to run automation do it purposefully, since every api call counts. So they target their goal.

  2. You are right if you use basic hashtags without using time enough to analyse the hashtags that are going to present your posts to the right audience it is and has always been useless.

I mean only because #love gets alot of followers, likes or comment doesn’t mean it is suitable for selling motoroil. Get my point?

Hashtags that are analysed and specially target the right audience is indeed usefull. If you tend to hit top place on some of the mid range hastags, you can easily gain a few hundred real engaging followers each time!

By the way we have afew great toturials on this forum on how to use hashtags the right way.
Look em up.

Yes it does! They are as you say big. They will eventually hit the explorer page or have enough engagement for their posts to be seen. Other than that big profiles have great networks. They tend to help eachother in order to reach a greater audience.

Also there is tricks to using hashtags. Do not be of that belief that big profiles don’t use hashtags. They do too. But they hide it pretty well. You see if their post gets 2000 comments, they can hide the hashtags easily in between all those comments making it hard for anyone to find. Unless you are willing to scrape all the comments to find the hashtags.
There is no rules written in stone that hashtags only has to be posted in caption. You can post them in comment section too.

Anyways. I believe you will get a really good insight by reading these threads and guidelines.

And don’t believe what others say before you try it out for yourself.

Thanks for sharing your point of view, it’s always nice to see others opinions and to rethink your ideas :slight_smile: However, I disagree with this as well.

I believe that these big pages also used hashtags once upon a time to grow their page :smiley: I personally very often use hashtags search when browsing IG, and often like content based on something that I was looking for with hashtags.

Also, many real, good quality accounts and influencers give likes based on hashtags and these likes can be valuable for your accounts if you are under their niche.

This is what I love (and hate) about Instagram - there’s no one size fits all solution! If hashtags worked for me, I’d use them in a heartbeat.

My experience is the same as yours @markacad, they just aren’t worth the hassle on my main account. Maybe one day I’ll go back to them on a different account…

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