Instagram Mass DM/Comments Hybrid - Affordable prices! Surge Social

What we do different?

What we do now is combine DM’s and comments.

  • user receives a dm
  • User gets a comment on most recent post telling them to check dms
  • Means more people open the dm, including if a small percentage go to hidden folder - these get seen
  • 2x the push notifications to someone’s phone
  • DM’s get noticed and attention!

Mass DM Pricing
$2 to $3.5 per k (1000 DM’s and 1000 comments) depending on order size

Order Process:

  1. Provide us with audience (user followers, target geolocation, hash tags etc)
  2. Provide the message/offer you want to DM users with.
  3. Provide a link you want to share (profile preview, post preview, third party link).
  4. We scrape and filter the target audience, then start sending DM’s.
  5. We send you a full report showing YOUR DM’s in inbox, as well as the quantity sent and delivered in total.

Where to Contact?
Contact via DM or via my website using the chat widget!

Payment Methods:
Crypto – LTC, USDT, BTC
Revolut – a payment app similar to transferwise.
PayPal not accepted.

Refund Policy:
There is a guarantee that your order will be sent. If your order is not sent for whatever reason on Surge Social’s part, you will receive a full refund.


Sales Thread approved. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Ready to take orders :smiley:

Hey, are you able to add for example link into DMs?

Hi Ciras

This is absolutely something that we can do


Is business category targeting, such as “Public figure, Personal blog, Just for fun, etc”, possible?

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Same query as above. Will you be able to dms only a certain set of people.
Like only Asians, Only females, Only athletes like this ?


These are not possible to filter sorry.

But if you look at my website we do have many other useful filters.

Instagram does not allow this to be filtered.

Best bet would be to try and find asian pages that are followed by mostly females. We can try to filter only females and this is around 80% effective however some slip through (pages with non male names etc).

Athletes - again, this is not a filter. You’d need to find pages that mostly have these types of people following

Hi there! What would you say your % of hidden requests are? I know it’s getting a lot worse recently, placed 20 trackers on a few providers and got let down a lot :sweat: .

Somewhere near 10%?


I’d say my % of hidden requests is quite low. I’d say typically under 10% to be honest. Most go to regular inbox.

This depends on the client’s page though. A higher quality page will always get even less in hidden.

If your page is lower quality, may risk more going to hidden because this gets flagged easier by insta

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: feel free to dm

any chance to pay by CC?

Hi Hank

Yes absolutely that’s an option. I use an app called Revolut for card payments.

Other payment options is crypto.


Hi Birdman

Did you have a question?

Why is this sales ad pinned at the top? Is this sponsored by MP/JV or something?

Yes it’s a sponsored paid post