(Instagram Mass DMing) Found this thread on another forum, what do you think?

" Now if you send a DM the @username won’t be clickable even when accepting the request, that’s why you should always move to whitehat or more stable niches before relaxing and taking everything as granted "

Is this true? I don’t know if it’s limited to a region or iOS, but as a European Android user I can click on user @ just fine. What about you guys? Do you think IG is aware of the situation?

I confirm that @username can’t clickable anymore, from outside Europe!

In EU, it is still clickable for me!

@ clickable on Android.

I want to think it’s a bug of IG because it doesn’t make sense since it also affects the hashtags and the desktop version the username is clickable

I found it has been unclickable when self-mentioning in captions over the past 3-4 weeks and posting manually via Android (also fine on desktop). It just started working again a few days back, could have very well been a bug. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have rules to strip it from templated DMs, though.

They need somehow to stop users spamming via DM, that’s why probably they are working on it. Plus the reason behind might be regarding the EU regulations

Similar thread here:

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Yeah. Thats where I saw it. My thread was to find a solution but my friend told me not to do that and said IG may be watching

can’t click on mine and I am in California. Think it’s perm.


hopefully it doesn’t spread world wide

we have multiple situations sometimes users from Europe can click @ and others can’t I guess IG is still experimenting with that nothing is decided so let wait and see what will happen in the next few months.