Instagram mass suspends meme accounts

instagram was going nuts after meme pages, left several of its users devastated after it mass deleted at least 30 meme accounts, totaling over 33 million followers.

Instagram told the users that the reason for the suspension was for “not following our terms”.

With no warning, users that were running large and popular meme accounts checked their email to find a message from Instagram telling them that their account had been suspended from the platform.

It’s not clear why these meme accounts were shut down. A Facebook spokesperson would only say that Instagram shuts down accounts that violate the company’s terms of use, which suggests that the issue could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. The shock humor of some of the memes posted to these pages may have violated Facebook’s “objectionable content” rules
  2. Some of the meme accounts being bought and sold which is against Instagram’s terms of service
  3. Some of the content in the memes being used without people’s permission.
  4. Some of the meme accounts[violating Instagram policy by selling verification services, retrieving de-activated user names, and restoring banned accounts through a private program that is meant to be only available to the media.

Some of the accounts that were disabled as part of this purge include:

  • Finest.Inventions: 13M+ followers
  • uniquevines: 8.3M+ followers
  • laugh.s: 3M+ followers
  • medicalthing: 2.6M+ followers
  • meccha.memes: 2.1M+ followers
  • teacherpranks: c2M followers
  • thespedshed: 704K+ followers
  • babebuddy: 684K+ followers
  • darted: 578K+ followers
  • autist: 529K+ followers
  • femalesdoingthings: 474K+ followers
  • spicy.mp4: 472K+ followers
  • wokeist: 420K+ followers
  • godsbleach: 396K+ followers
  • dailymemes.exe: 315K+ followers
  • hexxthegon: 300K+ followers
  • zuwamba: 273K+ followers
  • sourpods: 255K+ followers
  • deepfriedlays: 194K+ followers
  • silentmemes: 168K+ followers
  • suucle: 115K+ followers
  • yerdank: 105K+ followers
  • deadv1: 96K+ followers
  • meme_hummus: 89K+ followers
  • hexxthegon.v2 87K+ followers
  • nutted: 53K+ followers
  • yore: 12K+ followers
  • sup.david: 10K+ followers
  • bofaballs
  • c6ige
  • grandpasgenitals
  • grinder
  • memeextraordinaire
  • peteralagha
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