Instagram maximum limits (Jarvee setting)

Hi! Broadly what are the limits not to be exceeded initially in IG to configure Jarvee well?
I heard that initially it is like this: do you confirm me or not?
Follow: 60/ h - 100/day (+20 every week) - 3000-6000/month
Unfollow = Follow
Like: 60/h - 700/day
Comment: 50/h - 250/day
DM: 20-25/day

What do you think? thanls

No, that’s way too much.

what do you think are the most correct settings (roughly)? thank you

There are tutorial on Youtube, check that out. The most recent one’s.

700 likes a day? I think now that is impossible, you have a lot of problems with scrapers that don’t allow you to do that amount of likes during a day.

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I find on youtube Jarvee setting, but every say different thinks (and I don’t know very well english language).

I am more interested in understanding the limits of instagram, but I am Italian and it is difficult for me to find the correct videos. Can you kindly tell me which videos you are referring to (even in private if you can’t put links on the forum), thanks

“Doctor Jarvee” channel on Youtube, I learned from her. She shows step by step but I think you can do more aggressive settings.


Here is what you can use

10 Follows per hour
10 Unfollows per hour ( don’t use both follow and unfollow at the same time)
10 Likes per hour
2 Comments per hour
1 DM per hour
10 Like Comments per hour
30 Story Viewer per hour

daily limit of:

100 - 150 Follows per day
100 - 150 Unfollows per day
100 - 150 Likes per day
20 - 30 Comments per day
15 - 20 DMs per day
100 - 150 Like Comments per day
200- 300 Story Viewer per day


For each tool you can start with low daily limit, then set the tool to increase the daily limit gradually each day until it reaches the maximum daily limit you want. Example:

You should also use spin syntax in your Comment Text and Message Text to avoid IG blocks.

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Thank you.
Isn’t it a little bit 2 comments per hour if I think about normal use (without bots)? I already use a little IG but if I interact maybe I can even get 5-6 comments per hour …

exactly … but first I have to figure out which is the min and which is the maximum … :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend that. I wouldn’t go over 20 comments per day.

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I’d recommend you use the settings posted by Luca, they’re safe. You can go with 6 comments per hour, but you will get blocked probably after 1 day, or less and it can take a few days until the blocks are lifted. You want to avoid that kind of block.


better to keep the comments part between 2-3 comments per hour that will be much safer and the actions/results will be much more steady.


Thanks to all.
Another problem:

Because in manual it makes me unfollow even 20 profiles (all togheter) without blocking me and instead if I try from jarvee with the settings at the minimum it blocks me immediately (not even one makes me do it).
How should I do? In short, as a textbook it makes me do what I want, but not by jarvee.

I definitely do way more follows per hour on some of my accounts. But mine are warmed up already I guess

yes, I can go up 20 per hour as well but the account should be very active, warmed up correctly, and preferably an aged one.