Instagram not playing nice

I’ve just started f/uf method on an account with 10,400 followers and they are following 7,400

It won’t let them follow any more people so i have started unfollowing people, how low would u look to get the following amount before retrying following someone ?

To get a healthy account, you should definitely get under 1k following. Everything above doesn’t really look good (in my opinion).

Thank you for replying to me.

How many would u unfollow a day ? I don’t fancy getting any blocks as apparently some can last a week :sweat:

This will be a long journey, but it’s worth it. Trying to grow an account with 7k followings it pointless, to me (everyone can see that this account has been mass F/U).

You will be able to Unfollow 200 in a day, to stay safe. But start small, and increase slowly :slight_smile:

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Depends on your goals. Are you trying to get contracts or sell shoutouts for agencies?

If not the follow/unfollow will matter less.

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Okay thank you :pray:
Not sure I’m allowed to ask this as maybe it’s secret…

But while I’m doing mass unfollowing would you recommend this;

Day 1; UF 100/200 between
Day 2; UF 100/200 between
Day 3 F 50/100 between
Day 4 UF 100/200 between
Day 5 UF 100/200 between
Day 6 F 50/100 between
Day 7 UF 100/200 between

So I’m still building the account in a way? Just wondering how much you would advise.

I’m trying to get sign ups to a sports premium picks site :crossed_fingers: ?

If your account is already warmed-up it’s all good, but i would advise to go slower on the first week, even if it’s aged. Aged accounts can also get blocked !


I agree with @denis1
I find unfollow can cause more blocks than other actions. So, build it up slowly and you should have no issues

you need to get the account following between 1000 and 2000.

you can start with 50 unfollow a day for the first week then start to add 10 to that number every 3-4 days and you should be able to keep your account safe.

If you just started using the account on your phone, you need to do some warm-up first.
During the first week, use the account on the phone regularly - like picture, comments, respond to DM’s, follow people just like any normal human behaviour to increase the trust level in your account.

Here the limits i recommended you shouldn’t exceeds during the warm-up:

  • Make up to 50 likes per day
  • Follow up to 30 per day
  • Unfollow up to 50 per day

If you didn’t receive any block during the warm-up, you’re good to go and start increase the actions gradually. Here recommended limits for doing actions manually on the phone:


  • The first 3 days, do up to 300 likes.
  • Day 4-6, up to 400 likes.
  • Day 7 - up to 600 likes.
  • Day 10, up to 1000 likes.


  • The first 3 days, do up to 100 follows/day.
  • Day 4-5 up to 200/day.
  • Day 6-7 up to 300/day.


  • First day you start right away with 200 unfollow
  • For each next unfollow round add +100 up to 400 unfollow per day

Wow thank you so much! Once I’m around 1000 to 2000 following what would be your plan of action ?

Instagram doesn’t allow us to follow more than 7500 people. The only solution to make your account able to follow more users is to decrease your followings. You should unfollow a maximum of 100-150 users per day to avoid getting blocked.

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It doesn’t sound like this is your first time doing F/UF but, if it is, there are plenty of resources around that should be helpful. That said, my cautionary tale is to not do all your daily unfollows in go, no matter how much of a pain it is.

Then you can start focusing on your chosen growth method again, or converting followers for the sign-ups :+1:

You should keep your followings roof below 1500. Personally, i do not exceed 800 followings.

Start unfollowing only when you reach the following limits you have set. In your case 1500 following is optimal.

Follow the daily limits i provided you with above and try as much as possible to make your actions pattern look more human. By actions pattern i mean the interval and how many actions you do each session.

Wish you best of luck :slight_smile:


I agree. IMO, any account over 1k following is not managed properly, either the owner if doing F/U or not.

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So when I’m around 800/1500 followers; would u recommend this;

Day 1; F 100/200 between
Day 2; F 100/200 between
Day 3 F50/100 between
Day 4 UF 100/200 between
Day 5 UF 100/200 between
Day 6 F 50/100 between
Day 7 UF 100/200 between

Sorry to ask,

What would the direct message limits be ?

The ones you are already in convo with are limitless, you can send as many as you want to those.

Other than that 30-50 max / day.
Build up slowly though.

Hmm that would be a weird approach.

If that is the case, just send Follow/Unfollow/Likes/DMs and deploy as many accounts as you can.

When it comes to CPA you want to have social proof and as much exposure as possible.