Instagram Photography and/or Fashion Engagement Group on Telegram

Hello everybody, we just started a new telegram group for likes and comments. The group is for Instagram account in the Photography and/or Fashion niches.

Click here to join the group now!


The Engagement group seems to have high quality accounts in it for now (it is 2 days old) . @trugoy will you check if they give proper comments to each other ?

Besides that I wish you good luck and happy engaging :slight_smile:

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we are connected to a bigger network and we will check all the users - if they are not good, they will be banned. :slight_smile:

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Would love to join! @dotheinvolution

would join the group! @thomasfaehnrichfotografie

Hi everybody, the group is active and we are adding people from here so keep on dropping your accounts! :slight_smile:

so many telegram groups

so many instagram accounts

Please add me @daddicusphotography

you already are in :wink:

I downloaded Telegram how do I read the group rules and how to join it?

you can join clicking this link

the rules are in a pinned message inside the group

I would love to join every time I click the link it doesn’t work

instagram: @ayo__prince

I’ve just tried the link and it works - pm your telegram user and I will add you, no problems :wink:

I tried clicking the link but it’s not working for me. I’m interested in joining the group. it is working.

please send me your telegram user so I can add you.

Telegram Name: dmanns

Invite me please