Instagram Photography and/or Fashion Engagement Group on Telegram

Hi I’m a photographer from Belgium and I would like to join your engagement group here is my ig @AlexDossogne.insta and my telegram @alexdossogne hope that you’ll accept me :slight_smile:


you’ve been invited to the group :slight_smile:

invited to the group


invited - guys use the link!

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hello, i’m @studiobaindelumiere

is the link working for you?

would like to join


@trugoy whats the follower range and quality of accounts in this group?

@trugoy would you mind putting me back into the group? I entered the group yesterday, liked and commented on 10 accounts but when I put my ig handle in It didn’t show the dx and I think that’s why I got banned. I would never try to leach so if you could help me that would be very cool fr.

DM me on telegram (@trugoy)

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I just DM’d you about a specific request! Let me know what you think when you get a chance!

just replied you can dm on telegram I am faster there thanks :slight_smile:

Hi I am a designer in NYC can I be added to a fashion pod helping others with there IG growth and comments :kissing_heart: @hayleyonmadison

hi use this link it’s the new one!

Hi Trugoy im would love to joing this group qith you through our clothing brands account. our instagram is steamlosangeles


If you want to buy photography shoutouts, I recommend you :wink:

don’t use that service, I’ve just tried one shoutout - completely pointless.