Instagram Photography and/or Fashion Engagement Group on Telegram


I got “Group no longer exists” when I click


this is the new link to use we removed the old one


Thanks. I didnt know how to snapshot me engagement? and not ready for engagement for me yet, commented and liked images on last 10 posted accounts though.


I would like to join the group! @igbdc


easy just click here: :slight_smile:


Can i join @gebzegorkem


Upcoming fashion brand that wants to join
@Blablabelgium on Telegram.
Thanks in advance!


Would really love to join. Mine is @zenmagafrica and @zenmens


just follow the link :slight_smile:


Ok Tru will do that now to see how it goes. I am new here so still learning how it works


it’s still working? plz add me @kieutrang2909


of course it is working, just follow the link :slight_smile:



The chat is saying unavailable


I just clicked the link and it said unavailable


Finally joined in. Used one of the previous links you sent :slightly_smiling_face:


Doesn’t work :frowning:


our group is up and running with more than 620 member, sir. The link to join us is don’t split the community it’s not good.


use this


use to join


add me @ hkamran99! :slight_smile: