Instagram Photography and/or Fashion Engagement Group on Telegram


I only ask because I’ve never been banned from any group so I know that isn’t it so you all banned me for being a Rue21 model? Is that not fashion?


The group is focused on real photographers, people working in fashion and real models. If you are in these groups and you were banned that’s because you didn’t follow the rules we have in the group. We don’t just ban people randomly :smiley:


@luigizanoni is my telegram user name, invite me please


Okay but what I’m saying is I never got into the group I’ve never been banned from any group in telegram your link has literally never worked for me I’ve never gotten into it. I’ve been trying to get into your group since I found this article so I’m not sure how or why I was banned. My telegram isn’t even a month old there’s no way I’ve been banned because I’m still in the only 3 groups I’ve been added to. So I’m asking you to please look into why this is happening to my account.


your telegram username is in our ban list. this means you entered the group and then you were banned. there are zero possibilities your names is there before you entered the group. I am sorry about that.


Hey, is my Instagram Account in the right niche?
If yes please invite me, my telegram username is: @jaykay3


@jaykay3 is my Telegram Username, please invite me


Hi @trugoy, Please invite me! here’s my username of Telegram: @Didinette


Hey @trugoy does the telegram still exist? If it does can I get an invite? Telegram: @phxmmers


yes it is active and growing - I will invite you but you could use this link


Telegram mame : marcabiancamakeup
Plz add me too


seems like I can’t invite you please use the link


add me please @Alibari_


Please add me telegram username @primeboots, thank you.


add me! :slight_smile: my account name goes by @sehajsinghdeo


I would love to join a Fashion telegram group


“This group doesn’t exist” can you add me trugoy? Telegram username @jaldaz


Please use this link - the group is working


please use this link


the group is working please follow the new link