Instagram Photography and/or Fashion Engagement Group on Telegram


Read the post above you, there’s a link.

But this group is not great, too many low quality accounts and posts with irrelevant content.


use this to join :slight_smile:


thanks for your opinion but oh boy you are so wrong: the group is not a big one but the quality is amazing, we only have REAL photographers and people working in fashion. no self promoting teen influencers. The content is really good and people always engage with nice and relevant comments. I think you are talking about a different group.


My name on instagram and telegram is age2thesun i am very active on ig i would love to leave comments and thoughts so just invite me please


Would love to join. The telegram link isn’t working but my IG handle is @thirtyonelights.


NEW WORKING LINK don’t forget this group is reserved to photographers and people working in fashion!


Pls add me @nickccy to the group thanks!


you can join by clicking the link


can you please remove your link and start your own thread instead of spamming mine? Thanks!


would love to join… add me @christianjcorral


please use this link


Full time pro editorial/fashion photographer and tutor, looking for content, gear and photographic techniques exchange. Would love to join. @George_Tzortzis


Hey this link says it does not exist please help!


I have just checked the link and it works if you have telegram


please use the link


This is what I get every time I click the link. I have telegram I have no idea why though


send me you telegram username




you can’t join because you already joined in the past and got banned. It could be because the instagram account you used in the group was not about photography and/or fashion or you just didn’t follow the rules. we don’t allow fast-fashion self-promoting influencers.


Why don’t you all allow models?