[Instagram] Posting frequency

Hello. I am creating an account for quotes.
How many pictures per day/week should I post?
Twice a week? Once a day? Three times a day?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I post 1-2 times a day 7 days a week usually one in morning when people wake up but before work/school and once when people are home relaxing. Personally I unfollow people who post more then twice a day because its obnoxious so if you think the same then follow what you believe.

Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

In my experience…

More Posts = Higher Follow Back Ratio

Less Posts = Higher Engagement

So try to find your sweet spot over the next few weeks as your account grows and see what works best


@Dconley Thanks for answer! Definately will do split testing on one-week running account to figure out the best spot to stick in.

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I got an advice from a guy who really knows what he’s doing when we talk about IG.

He said to post 5-7 pics per day and avoid posting in the morning.

It’s up to you to decide :slight_smile:


I was just curious about this exact question. As I post just 2 times a day (also avoiding mornings).

In your opinion do you think that one should post (x times per day) depending on the size of the IG account? Or in general just post x times per day regardless of the size of the account? Indeed posting more leads to lower engagement. However according to @BrandonBerner its wise to focus on engagement in the first 2 months.

Forgive me if there is already a post here outlining number of posts per day/IG account size, feel free to just reply with the link to that post with the guidelines. I did type ‘‘posts per day IG’’ into the search function and this thread was there.

There are many different strategies to increase engagement. Each strategy will conflict with others strategies making the answer to your question nearly impossible to answer accurately.

If you are trying to gain lots of followers using a hashtag strategy, then you want to have a high post count every day to increase your chances of getting discovered in the top posts. This will also result in lots of engagement.

You can also increase your engagement by posting less (allowing more to like your latest post before its replaced with a new one), however this would lower your daily follower rate if you are a new account that cant get featured on the top posts of popular hashtags,

I prefer to use both of the strategies above in a master strategy. I first start with posting lots of pictures every day for new accounts (5-10 posts/day). This will rapidly increase your followers, but will lower your engagement. Once your account has reached 10k followers, start deleting your pictures that received little engagement, and start posting less pictures/day. The first part will rapidly increase your followers and lower your engagement, while the second part will lower your increase in followers, in increase your engagement. In the end you will win the race with a good balance of followers & engagement.

Just my opinion :smiley:


Thanks for this! I will defiantly try this strategy until I reach 10k with my account.

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