Instagram tests a new option for messaging

Instagram currently tests a new option that would let users receive DM only from the people they follow (like Twitter did a few years ago). It should roll out pretty soon.

The idea behind that move is to protect users from unwanted DMs and spammers, without forcing them to turn their account into a private one.

It’s no good news for the M/S model as we usually DM the slaves’ followers first, but then, if the slave doesn’t grow fast enough, we start DMing other users from the target audience. By doing this, obviously, you get less conversion than DMing followers, but whatever you get is better than nothing.

Maintaining slaves’ growth around 30 a day is probably the best way to work around this (assuming you want to stay on the safe side for DM). Adding more slaves to deliver the same amount of DM is another - but much more expensive - way.


This is crazy, where did you get this information?

Do you have the sourcr for this? How would regular people contact people they don’t follow?

The source doesn’t matter as long as it’s reliable… and it is.

Well, they won’t. That’s the point :smiley:

Mentioning them in comments will probably be the best way, or unwanted DMs will be stored in a “spam” folder, as it’s done on Twitter. We don’t know yet.

If you follow someone, that person can DM you. If you don’t follow him, he can’t.

Same thing for Group Chats by the way.

do you know when this will be implemented?

That’s exactly why the source matters - nobody can verify the reliability of your source. Your word means nothing.

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No, unfortunately. We have no idea.

Fuck the slaves how am I supposed to dm girls now ugh


It’s OK, little buddy. I understand where you come from.

It means nothing to you, and I believe it’s pretty solid for people knowing me better.

See? You’re right. Maybe you should pretend you never saw that message so you won’t have to figure out and you will be fine? :slight_smile:


Awesome update for my business - - - if it’s actually real and not an other theory :slight_smile:



Actually his word often is gold. He is one of the best around here.


Soon IG will be like a wall of IG thots you cant like or DM. Only thing you can do is look at. Cant touch, only look! It’s gonna be as dry as LinkdIn social media wise.


I hope he is wrong this time lol


Great insider info thanks for sharing mate. Before twitter did this, I believe it was implemented on FB. Allowing messages from friends only.
Is it just me or is IG just becoming Siamese twin of FB?!

I bet cha all it’s only a matter of time, and believe me and note this day and mark my words, this too shall be implemented, and that is “hiding follower and following list” , as in FB where you can hide friendslist.


This reminded me of something. Did anyone ever notice IG in some way already shadowbanning DM’s?

Usually i see all DM but once in a while i scroll back for weeks or month (I get a lot of DM’s) and i’m noticing new ones that havent even been opened yet. I find this super odd since i check almost every DM.

I wouldnt be surprised if it were a thing

Not talking about my DM’s being shadowbanned towards others. But others not appearing yet but after weeks/months popping up in my DM’s.


Yes this I have noticed sir. It is also shadowbanning pending dm requests! It only shows up once in a while now! This I have noticed for a couple of weeks now.

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im not worried, my system don’t use DM’s. Just wanted to say @LordSW is a valuable and trusted member here that has been since the start.

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Most of them i’m still receiving but a times i’m seeing batches of DM’s from weeks ago unopened. I cant be this bad at replying or checking them. If i were to miss a couple for sure thats possible but not that amount.

So i guess, for those also relying on DM’s it might be good to scroll way back once in a while to make sure.


I totally know what you mean as I have experienced this too. Also I don’t know if you have noticed another thing.

IG has made it suuuuuuuper easy to report accounts! I mean before you had to open the account that dm’ed you, press the 3 dots and then report, and many didn’t bother going through the process, they simply denied receiving a dm and that was it. But now they have added a block option directly on the actual dm message received and when pressing the block botton you’ll be presented the option of report it as spam! This is a super effective way to kill slave accounts and it works bro and it’s aggresive. I tried a couple of times on my personal account. Honestly within an hour I got a notification telling me that the account I reported is disabled due to violation of IG terms.

This is truely a killer for mother/slave method.

There goes my business model… this doesn’t make much sense to me though as there are already two separate DM areas - one for your followers and one for requests.

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