Instagram to test Hiding USA Likes next week

What are your thoughts? Especially in today’s climate


YES. Can’t wait.


Nice share!
I‘m not sure how this could affect Instagram and their Influencers.
I somehow fear that it will make our life as client managers even harder. What parameters will businesses use in order to make sure that the influencers followers are real? This could create a new wave of fake followers and fake influencers if you ask me.

Seems like Instagram wanted to remove fake engagement as good as possible before they start testing likes. Most probably they want to know what impact their like changes have in reality.

Unsafe times we are living in.


What makes you feel good about this? What value can you bring to your customers then?
We are earning money from an addiction. The addiction to likes.


YESSSS LETS GOOOO!!! Finally what we needed :muscle:

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I don’t focus on likes per post, I focus on impressions and new followers per month.


They’re already hiding it here in AU, it’s great! You can still see the likes on a browser though

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Not sure how this helps? Like counts are important in regards to social proof. But for those that are already experiencing it, what have been the benefits?


This is the fundamentals of social media. The addiction that got people hooked up on these platforms, it’s the main ingredient that feeds human ego… many will deny this, but it is the truth.
Not sure what they are thinking… maybe they will be introducing a new feature instead of likes? who knows… but this decision will definitely hurt them.

My thoughts? People won’t be spending that much time on the app, and many will quit. We don’t want that don’t we? :smiley:
Helll… the whole platform is “build” around the likes…

Either way, we are unable to do anything about it, like always we shall adapt and overcome :no_mouth:


They’ve been testing in Canada, Japan, Australia and more countries for awhile now. Must not have negatively effected the app that much.

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I used to think this was bad for business but now I say it’s a blessing.

It lets us focus more on strategies that actually get our clients 𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙇 𝘽𝙐𝙎𝙄𝙉𝙀𝙎𝙎 𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙐𝙇𝙏𝙎
instead of having to maintain and fuel near drug addict level phony aesthetics.


Yeah I’ll definitely be posting more product focused content for clients.


Your point is right, but they are not hiding likes completely, they just hide the numbers from all people except the owner of that post.

If OP still see how many likes he/she is getting on his/her post then I don’t see any behavior change. Followers of OP might don’t see the complete picture, but that’s fine in my opinion, because they can still see weather they have like the picture or not because like button is still there.

OP can still satisfy their ego by checking number of likes on his/her post. Mark is evil, he know his all sh#t, he build Facebook, not twitter. He already know how to play with emotion/ego, that’s why he is worried about tiktok, since they are also doing same thing.

I wonder why they keep making things easier for spammers then ever :slight_smile:

Maybe a way to say “sorry, that we crippled the total actions. here take some money you gonna safe on fake social proof”.



Yea soon they will hide that also, what will you focus on then? This is the worst thing ever, you think they will keep followers and other shit if they like results from this, think again

The truth is this will hurt them (and I hope they lose millions and millions), if someone sees picture and it says only one like and others, there is big chance they won’t like that picture. Because most people will like some picture because it was already liked by 5K other people.



not even Zuck

Instagram : Hey , what do you think of sh*ting on marketers and on our users so they merge on Tiktok ?

They are gonna be affected big time, all the people(influencers) who built the platform are gonna move to Tik Tok to get their gratification,

Mark got too greedy and it will blow up all in his face because the new platforms like Tik Tok won’t sell thier platform to this idiot.

Won’t affect brands, companies, influencers or creators.
Brands pay money to Instagram to promote posts. Influencers get paid on engagement.
If you can’t see likes, views, etc., brands have no way to track influencers. = Instagram loses money from brands.

If it goes live, it will be for those accounts that are not business/creator accounts.

Thus, one more reason to turn your account to business/creator.