Instagram++ users that can help

Doen anyone knows if you can manage unlimited accounts with the app Instagram++?
I am interested in using it to manage my fan pages.

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I wouldn’t recommend it to you because if you manage like 20 IG accounts with the same phone/proxy Instagram will probably recognize it and block the accounts…
But the app is a great way to download viral posts!

Since I’ve written that thread had 0 issues with Instagram++


@Alain_Wassenaar Did you give Jarvee a try?

Yeas I agree I

You’re talking nonsense, please stop jinks the system (lol)
It has a unique tech that changes the device ID, therefore you can manage more than 5 accounts each time, please read about the app before you scare the masses…

Okay, I used this app earlier with around 15 accounts. I really used it a lot until a few of my bigger accounts got shutdown… Yes maybe it wasn’t because of the device ID but I can’t imagine myself that they change for ‘‘free’’ every device ID/IP.

each device has only one ‘apple id’. There is no way to change this. So a matter of time before the accounts get linked to each other. If you manage more than 5 accounts on a ios, you are gambling and I would not recommend ios – odds are it will harm more than do good.

You should use Jarvee for this project.

Well, im using android… can u tell the diff?

Android is kinda safe. That’s where mine are cloned. My mains are on iPhone and many I know that used Instagram++ regreted it because of blocks and account disables. They never automated.

which one better, this one or follower chief ? I use the later without problems, but i have couple iDevice that need to be utilized

I don’t believe it, I’ve never had any single problem with Instagram ++ and I’m managing a shit-ton of accounts for 2+ years with 0 problems.

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Could you give a rough ball park estimate?

For myself, I managed over 15 accounts at once. The maximum blowback I dealt with is 2 blocks on randomly chosen accounts.

App wise, some accounts wouldn’t load the profile feed.

Also, business insights are non-existent while that is installed. If you are mainly using it for fan page management, go right ahead. Consider keeping your main page(s) on a separate device.

Good for you. Remember, not everyone is you. To think nobody has ever had problems with it, well – is dreaming.

very good insta skills – very adept. As I said – just because you had success with it – well, does not mean EVERYONE will.

I have all my business insights never had blocks and all accounts load perfectly. I also don’t update IOS and keep it to the version in my guide

What iOS are you on?

I’m still on 11 but I think its available for the newer ones now and its easier to download (not as many revokes anymore)