Instagram Verification Bundle ✅ (Cheap)

Hey everyone! I am gonna make this as short as possible.

I am providing PR - articles on popular media websites that will get you verified on Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform. When you have enough useful articles, I can verify you.

You can buy either PR from me, or just the verification, or both altogether as a bundle.

The Pricing:

PR (Press/Articles) Cost: $3,500 - 12 or more articles

IG Verification Cost: $3,000 - done within 3 days

Bundle: $6,500 - 100% guarantee of getting press & IG verification altogether

The Process:

At least 12 articles are needed to get you verified on Instagram. I would write the articles, send them to you for approval, once approved then I would publish. The timeframe is 2-3 weeks.

Once the articles are ready, I would submit the account. Once submitted, it takes max 3 days to hear back if verified or not. If not, then I would get extra PR and submit again.

With me, you have a 100% chance of getting your page, or your client’s page verified. I have done some research to see what other legitimate sellers charge for these services, and mine is by far the cheapest on this market. I am completely okay with you reselling my services for $10,000 or more, which is a standard price agencies charge for this service.

Some info about me:

I am in the social media marketing field since 2015. I have been a member of this amazing forum since 2017. You can check my other sales threads or topics on my profile to make sure that you are dealing with a trusted seller.

The payment is done via PayPal. There are no refunds because I get the job done one way or another. You basically get what you pay for.

I am excited to start working with some more big people in this industry!

Feel free to message me here @matusm1 or via WhatsApp +421944191293 :sunglasses:


Thread approved.

Note for buyers: Since it’s pretty expensive service, please make sure you use Paypal and payment for Goods and Services only.

Good luck with the sales @matusm1


Nice Service👍All the best!

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Nice, interested in trying this. I’ve known @matusm1for nearly a year now. When you’re do social media marketing for a living, it’s a really small circle. I’ve worked with Matus in the past and I can recommend any of his services. He’s always came through for me!

This one looks like a steal!


Can you please PM me any proof of already verified accounts?
$6500 is not a small amount to decide adhoc.

Yes, I sent you a PM.

I’m really interested to see how this goes. It’s actually a really good price compared to what I’m seeing out there.

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Success is 100%? Do profiles need to be in a specific way? What happen is profile finally is not verified? Money will be back?

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Success is 100% if I accept your page.

I won’t be taking money for pages that I am unable to verify.

Sounds very interesting. Best of luck mate :blush:

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Hello. Can you pm me with the same? Thank you.


Done, check PM :sparkles:

What’s the criteria you use to decide if a page is verifiable?

Criteria is based on your PR. Send me your PR links and I will check it for you.

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Isnt that what you do? Im a bit confused here.

If you don’t have PR send me your IG handle. Most of the pages are verifiable. What matters more is the story behind the page. The follower count or amount of posts doesn’t make a big difference.

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Hi, please send me some info in DM, interested in learning more.

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I have a partial experience with this person.

I telegramed him, and first I asked for samples of real verifications. He exposed a few people (bluechecks) and conversations, and deleted them immediately (even though they were autosaved straight to the camera roll…) after I asked if they could be contacted to vouch for him. Hmmm okay. Red flag 1.

Asked obvious questions about whether or not he was issuing an invoice since I am an agency (I don’t know which real agency would not want an invoice, specially with this kind of money involved), and he responded he would only through paypal gift, because “no incoming payments were taxed in Slovakia if they were made by Paypal [gift]”, and that “bankwire would be a problem”. It was of course the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, but hey… who knows. Red Flag 2.

Then I asked him about a few random profiles, pretty basic to-the-point questions.

I asked him if any bluechecks would vouch for him, he said yes, but never gave me any example. I also asked questions about what press releases he was going to publish on and if they were media accessible by anyone, to which he said he didn’t want to give away private info. I agreed to this.

He then replied like a maniac saying it was clear that I didn’t trust him and that he’d rather not go on, because “I was probably the type of person that would make him waste 100 hours and never buy anything”. Funny to say the least, considering I did have at least 3 people in line for this. It’s not nickel and dime here we’re talking, this is serious money, and real questions will be made by anyone who is minimally protective and responsible about their investment and their clients’. With a price tag of 6.5k I don’t see how less professional you can be by treating potential customers like sh*t. Incredible.

After that I did explain that it was of course no small money talk and that real questions had to be made. He also said that “I should wait to read the great reviews here and then come back to him when I was ready to pay”, because “it was clear that I didn’t trust him”.

I replied that he had deleted all reference of his past clients, not pointed me to anyone to vouch for him, talked about “only paypal gift” to dodge taxes, not being sure about an invoice, etc., and that my questions were very standard and I wasn’t sure what he’d expect for a service of this kind money.

He started to curse, throw the f word, to which I said we’d better stop it right there, questioning him his absolute lack of professionalism. He of course blocked me, to add to his excellent client service.

If anyone is in for a hardcore adventure, feel free to throw your money to this guy’s face (and ask no questions). Otherwise, your gamble. Rude and unprofessional. I’d rather pay 10k to someone who doesn’t sound like a cocky foul-mouthed teenager in his garage couch.


I had a real fun reading this, thanks for
bumping my thread! :sunglasses:

To clarify a few things for new people who will be contacting me regarding PR & verification.

  1. I do take payments only via PayPal, Goods & Services option is absolutely available. Just the wire transfer doesn’t work for me.

  2. I won’t be revealing many details neither about who my clients are (who I verified), or which PR packages I use. This is a highly competitive market, most of the people here own marketing agencies, and revealing business details like these is just a no brainer.

  3. If you are gonna be spamming my messages like this guy and thinking that I owe you my time, I will block you. I value my time, so please understand you are not my only client.

And to you Mr. Parliament I wish all the best in life. I hope one day you are gonna get to a point where your energy & mental health will mean more to you than potential business, so that you can understand how I felt when dealing with you. :v:


I’m doing exceptionally fine, thank you.

I hope you will get to a point where you’ll understand you’re not the only whose time is valuable. Nobody deserves to be treated like sh*t just because you think your time is more valuable than theirs.

I won’t get to suggesting you might get to a point to which you’ll actually sound professional and not like just some shady guy with a scarf covering his face, asking a few grand for a service and f’off anyone who makes some questions, and raising all the red flags with your dodgy answers.