Instagram Verification for $3000-$4000 no press

I’m in need of verification let me know if you can do it. If you can do it for me I will bring friends as well.


we can help but you would need a stronger budget

You can check this thread out 🔵 IG BLUE CHECK VERIFICATION [100% Guaranteed / Full Moneyback] - #44 by Parliament

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You may want to check this : Instagram / FB Verification Service + PR Service (Also includes Pre-verified Instagram accounts for sale which can be re-branded for personal or business use)


I think I saw on the Marketplace someone who offers this service but I’m not sure about the price.
Did you check?

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You can send the user a message and inquire about the price.

If its for a musician this is possible. If it is not for a musician, then you’re not going to find a seller who can help you with this.

Hello, my English is poor, so let me ask again. You have blocked accounts and you want to unblock them, do I understand you correctly?

Lol bumping old threads haha.

@slash_smm They mean the blue tick

Always @heroeslair