Instagram verification not working

Most recently, instagram asks my number and doesn’t send me a code …
Email verification is also not possible …I’ve already got other numbers, but they are probably burned too …
I don’t need to report to Insta support, they’re not stupid either … I had removed the number, but I’m asked after 2 weeks at the latest and have to enter a phone number …How do you verify your accounts with phone numbers? Are there providers also for the german area? best regards

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I take an expensive approach and use actual sim cards, once and awhile a number won’t work, but I just try a different one, and it does.

I personally get a SIM card,cannot trust those online services anymore.

Go long term,it’s expensive but it’s worth it.

Do you still have free prepaid cards? I have to verify myself every time …

Do you still have free prepaid cards in you country? I have to verify myself every time …

Number verified and now thank you
We look at your information. If everything is okay in our opinion, you will have access to your account again in 24 hours. Now my new number is back in the ass …

I hate insta …

No sorry. I usually buy my sims when I need to make batches of accounts. Ones I have are all tied to my accounts.

Yeah. Sometimes you verify and they still disable it. Looks like it may get worse with the video captcha

You verified using a German sim card but the account got into 24 hours review after that? my accounts usually go valid after I phone verify them, I use a German phone number provider too.

Even I have to verify myself everytime lol,I stay in India.

I have a supplier who provides me bulk SIM cards,Actually this is illegal :sweat_smile:

that account is most likely gone, and yes you should get a sim card to verify your account that is the safest approach even tho it’s expensive but at least you have everything you need to verify the account.

i have the same problem with 2 accounts
IG not sending me the SMS CODE
and i use real phone

In the meantime, 5 accounts are broken for me … I’ll reconfigure mp and only take 3 or 4 days a week … let’s see … fb is not a problem for me have been running for over 3 years

Have you used the same phone number to verify other accounts? I’m currently having the same issue and I’m thinking that’s the reason why I’m not getting the code.

yes i using the same phone number on 3 accounts
i verified one of them 4 days ago
and now i have the problem whit the order 2
i think your right but i hope its IG beg because all this new updates

Try using different phone numbers for each account. If you’re not getting codes, try again in 24-48 hours and see if that helps.

i don’t think its give me the opportunity to change the phone number :thinking:

and yes now im giving its 2 days rest

Sometimes also mobile numbers are blacklisted from IG.

Get Real Sim if you want to be more safe!

where do you get your numbers from?

I have 2 numbers … how many do you have?