Instagrams new limits for doing it manually on phone?


so since I hear and see everyone is having success and unsuccess trying different limits, tell us whats working and not working for you … what would you say the limits are for doing it manually on an iphone per hour if I wanted to do it for 10 hours a day 8am-6pm?? likes, follows, unfolows, dm, replies to stories, tag some random person in photo, etc?

Manual vs Automation?

Limit for 24 hour is follow max 70-80 for safe , similar 50-60DM, comment, likes goes upto 400 depends on account age. For safe don;t work 10 hours on single account manage multiple account you can easily manage 2 account on same phone. For more account you can purchase new cheap phone and use additional 2 account on that. What i got good result once you have 10k followers on theme page after that you only need to publish good quality content for getting 700-800 followers a day. I don’t experience for personal page. I am working on theme/business page .


I don’t know where you got that info but 70 is definitely not the limit for manual following per day…


say if I was just starting fresh on an iphone I just bought off craigslist and I just go to AT&T and get a $20 month plan and just use that and no Wi-Fi so instagram wont see that my accounts are connected in some way and then I get a sudden action block


how many would you personally follow manually?? and would you start slower if your just starting a fresh account?


doesn’t the engagement go down and don’t you have the risk for action blocks if instagram sees theres multiple accounts being used on 1 iphone and say if you have 5 accounts on 1 phone and 1 of those accounts gets an action block or suspension isn’t it going to affect the other 4 accounts and wont those be action blocked or even worse, shadowbanned?


Use the search bar, there are complete topics on this, and yes the younger the account the slower you should be.


ive looked and I cant find anything really on the limits which is why I started a new topic, I just want to know how to do this right by doing it manually


and also what would be your answer from the question bove your last reply about having multiple accounts on 1 iphone?


My answer is use the search bar. There are at least 2 current topics for each of your questions. Don’t be lazy.


you can do a lot more actions manually even you can always exceed montly 6000/ month limit thats what i have experienced i dont know about others


what did you search because I cant seem to find it and ive searched for some time


How many accounts have you manually followed more than 6k/mo since the June 4th update? And what number exactly did you follow to (8k/mo, 10k/mo, etc)?


Insta been hitting manual phones too now. Seeing all over the place people who never botted get action blocks for a day or two for following to many to fast. Last week I tried remove pending requests remaining on one of my accounts as I feel better with 0 requests on each account now. Stopped me at around 20 blocks using chrome on my desktop … Tried next day still blocked. Ugh


so what if you use your pc to do all the stuff on instagram and you use 100 accounts and you just simply log off and log into another account etc?


I don’t do that. Since I don’t I could not tell ya


Could anyone help us here and also how many accounts per phone do you recommend?


Like 700-800 follows/unfollows


5 per device working fine for me


I think limits are not same for every account or some other way instagram detects this. My client aged account 35k followers got temporary block for actions follow/like after doing only unfollow. First day -450 next day -200… she was just cleaning followings all manually no any software. got temp blocked