Instagrams new limits for doing it manually on phone?

You doing manually actions?

How many actions are you doing per day and are you using a 4G Sim Card or are you using a residential IP?

i’ve been building a team here that does manual automation on real phones with the IG app

we’ve been doing 400-500 follows per day without no issue… likes also about the same number.
the key is to divide the actions into several runs, so i do 100-100-100-100

no blocks , nada

How many accounts per device?

Yeah manual until I can find software that emulates the actual instagram app and doesn’t use instagrams API. It’s the only way to make every single account efficient as possible without action blocks.

I’m doing 700-800 follows & unfollows per day, 30-50 comments and I like a few pictures daily on each acc. I’m using 1 DC proxy per device with 5 accounts on device.

Manual is not automation lol. We need to find a service that offers software like mp that can do this. If MP could figure out a way to emulate the instagram app and not use api, most of everyone’s problems would go away

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I have still got 4 DC proxies activated that I purchased at the beginning of this month (was still using automation) then was hearing that apparently DC proxies weren’t good and 4G Mobile Proxies were the way to go. So I bought a sim and bought data for that sim and have been using that for a while now. Data is expensive where I live so would definitely prefer to use DC proxies.

I could get 4G Mobile Proxies but I can’t find any located in my area and location i think is a big factor to avoid AB etc and also keep that clients trust levels up.

Do you think connecting DC proxies to my mobile phone will harm my accounts in the long run. I have got virgin proxies that are from a small proxy provider.


Honestly I think it depends on the type of work your doing. I’ve heard the same thing about dc proxies and 4g proxies but I’ve never had issues with DC.

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I wish you the best in luck with that brother

Hi thanks for sharing the infos. If you are doing 400-500 follows daily. Does that mean manual follows can go pass the 6000/30 hard limit?

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so far based on my experience… yes it can surpass that… but not all accounts can surpass it

only those with great engagements and great content can surpass it…

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the limits are not the same for all accouts
we don’t have a definite answer

How many accounts do you have on 1 phone tho

I’m running 6 account on my phone without any problems. Before 7 but I sold one.

I have 3 on the normal app that I use with my home internet (or 4G if I’m out) and 3 on a cloned app that I use with 4G. Not working at the same time though.

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Got action block last night on follow action only and in less than 24h I can start following again… This happened after a 2 day manual follows where I followed 1500+ accounts… my fingers did not get tired if you ask haha
Im only using my phone… 1 year old account and ~35 posts with recent posts… never used any kind of automation

I agree. I think having 4g proxies in your country of origin is key

So if you have 5 accounts on your iphone and you want to be safe this is what you are going to go… say your in 1 of your accounts and you want to log out and then log in to another account and when you log out you need to go to airplane mode for about 20-30 seconds then take airplane mode off then log into another account and you will have another IP address if your doing this on mobile and not WiFi and this will help your 5 accounts from being linked to the same phone and lowers the risk of any action blocks, suspensions, shadow bans, etc

I get it I think. But then when you doing actions on those accounts, won’t you be doing actions from the all the say IP so then the login from different IPs becomes irrelevant?

It gives you a new IP added everytime you switch turn airplane mode on and off … it will only work for you on mobile

So let’s say I have 5 accounts on my phone right.

All logged in. You recommend changing IPs every time I do action on different accounts.

For example: do actions on an account then turn on and off airplane mode then do actions on another account etc.