Instagress Shut down

For those using instagress to enhance your instagram accounts. They have been officially shut down

Message: Sad news to all of you who fell in love with Instagress: by request of Instagram we were forced to close our web-service that helped you so much in your Instagram journey. We are all very sad of that but it looks like there is nothing we can do at the moment :disappointed:

What do you think about that ?


Love it! :thumbsup:

But this could mean a HUGE crackdown on many services or software as well.


Interesting, I wonder what happened, were they forced to or paid to do it…


Some say they whois is now russian, and they deleted their FB or the FB page was deleted.

Might be a huge crackdown on botting, or just they were too popular for their own good. I am betting that continual banning of IP’s was getting costly as well.


Is there any chance that this could ever happen to MP?
If there are no chances that it will be shut down, which are the reasons why MP will keep going?

I’ll start with this one: It is not a web based service

There are other reasons? Or only this one?

Thank you guys!

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:joy: that wouldn’t be that bad…except maybe the guys over at support might have some extra work :smiley:


I’m guessing, because MP is not a public facing site, aka webapp, that also openly advertised features that work with IG API, MP is not likely affected by such takedown.

It could be anything really, there’s one bot which is also a webapp was taken down on BHW and they’re not really popular.

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Of course there is. But the way that anyone uses the software is so different that it leaves less of a footprint. Plus Instagress was huge, and promoted all over. They also probably used huge ranges of IP’s that (probably) were continually banned which would be expensive.

Plus they were very blatant about promoting themselves. IG doesn’t like when you use anything associated with them without consent. I am not even sure if you can use the name, you damn well cannot use their logo in any fashion for sure.

While Instagress had a web GUI, they would have been similar to MP. That is, software on a server.

Reasons why MP might last longer?

They don’t have as huge a presence.

We all use a huge variety of proxies and IP’s, so it;s harder to put a digital “fingerprint” to MP vs Instagress.

Another reason is that MP social promotes safe settings, while Instagress was left entirely up to people that had zero idea of what to do and just wanted MOAR FOLLOWZ.


Awesome!!! I migrated my accounts from Instagress to MP abouth 1 month ago!! :smiley: this makes me way more happy then it should! :joy:

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While MP adverts it uses the API, my understanding is that it does so through one of two ways, it simulates a user on the app. Or it simulates the user using the API through a web browser.

I guess it could say that it uses the API for other reasons, but that would be a long, expensive and highly scrutinized application. Correct me if I am wrong.

Instagress, followliker etc, would all work in similar but different ways.

So you say you are hiring then… :smile:

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Actually, what baffles me is how they got taken down. instagress used real device that has custom coded function, basically like a robot that presses buttons for you on a pysical device.

Also, both takedowns, both use different /methods/, but no warning whatsoever to its userbase.

How can someone who runs a business that held thousands of accounts with millions of dollars worth just one day say “i quit” ?

When will businesses start to realize that it’s not just what’s running but the valuation worth behind it? To them, it’s just numbers and figures of subscription, but behind the accounts are worth millions.

I believe MP will last forever. Its real human movement.

There is no way you can know someone is using MP.

Interesting, I always thought they used a webapp to control the software.

So it was more like schedugram then?

[quote=“dddd, post:13, topic:11752”]
Also, both takedowns, both use different /methods/, but no warning whatsoever to its userbase.

Both takedowns? You mean the site and the FB page?

Maybe they just got sick of people sending them stupid support tickets!

This is a bold statemen :slight_smile:

however, let’s see.

hmm. Maybe they sold out and got paid to shut down.

We all know the coders in Instagress are starting up a new service already. (UNLESS IG hired them Lol)

There not just going to be like “o we got shut down time to masturbate and play video games all day” they probably started up a new service already.

Instagress, Followliker and MP must all work in a similar way via a private API. The difference between MP and Instagress is that MP is designed as a general social media management tool, whereas Instagress was positioned as a web-based Instagram growth-hacking platform for the masses.

MP will never be for the masses, as it requires slightly more nouse to setup and run. It might be wishful thinking that MP won’t or can’t be shut down, but only time will tell.

It’d be good to have some reassurance from someone in the know (if that’s even possible)!

Instagress used their API and if you use their API you have to play by their rules

Instagram would have revoked access immediately. They didn’t; so no, this isn’t how Instagress worked.

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