Instagress Shut down


Isn’t this just good news for MP users ?

Less bots, more space for others to actually do stuff on IG.


Not if there’s any possibility of the Instagram tools on MP being shut down (due to the threat of litigation)!


Nope. There will be more people jumping ship here, and then more attention is diverted here, and various other issues.

Not saying it’s not good for MP, but it really is worrisome how things have become.


Well if they got paid to shut down, this is probably exactly what they’ll do!!! :grin:


have you guys found that MP is the closest thing to instagress? need to find a new tool ASAP. thank you!


Typical Instagress user from reddit or elsewhere.

Instagress was not a “tool” it was a joke. The people that used it were tools.

Instagress does not even come close to MP.



any tutorials that you recommend on how to use it? from reading on their site it looks like it is not hashtag based like instagress


You’ve been here all of 8 minutes because Instagress got shut down and you are already asking to be spoonfed. Try searching the forum first. This thread is about Instagress being shutdown, not about tutorials on how to use (which are all over the forum and internet.)

MP can use hashtags etc etc, far better than Instagress. And that’s all I will say. Search the forum or leave this thread please.


And here they come…


just take the time to explore MP, the forum the tool, get a trial, and play around. It is way more complex than Instagress but offers way more options. Good luck!


Correct, this is a community and you are here spamming a thread instead of searching the rest of the forum. You just joined and are spamming threads asking for help. As I said politely, please search the forum or get out of this thread.

And yes, you are the only person in this thread asking this.


Prepare yourselves, ban wave incoming. My client that bought followers just had a HUGE drop. He has lost over 600 “followers” since this thread began.


why are you looking for a job? :joy:

of course we want to be here forever, but I don’t think anyone can give any reassurance concerning this, we’ll see how this develops.

yep, it’s not necessarily a good thing … we’ll see how this goes

why, you think instagress shutting down and this are connected?


Just an assumption, but yeah, I would say they are. He has purchased followers for the last month and only now is he losing them. I am preparing for his e-mail. I think you guys can tell by my early morning (for me) demeanor I won’t have much in the way of nice things to say.

Who isn’t? But that means I would have to be nicer and I don’t know if I have that in me today.

Maybe its all an elaborate 420 joke or they got hacked. Time will tell.

But this is the exact reason I created that calculator, and don’t share my proxies with just anyone. The more people that use them, the more likely they will get banned. Variety in settings and proxies is the best defense IMO


Huh, looks like IG is targeting bigger businesses, wonder how long before it affects the little guys?

Here’s part of the reason why I believe that MP is safer than the “custom coded” bots that some of the larger ones use.

The larger guys probably used an Android emulator, but probably didn’t have much in the way of variety, and used lots of the same Ip ranges in their proxies. Easy to track.

They were large enough to draw attention to themselves in terms of marketing aspects. They got too big to ignore for using the IG name.

I would wager that they will only go after the largest and boldest. I am not too worried.


I have to disagree. I am ex instagress moving to MP(because it is much cheaper in scale and more feature). Instagress is pretty safe, i have to say they are more conservative (put up caps in follow and like) and they are more user friendly for beginner


FYI, influx isn’t that big, check their alexa. In fact, they are very small.

And yeah, the one i’m refering to up in the thread is influx.

Which is why i m partly confused as to why they got taken down. They used nothing that ties up to IG in the name whatsoever.

So far what i can see, both are webapps, both got taken down without a hint of warning to it’s userbase, 1 is small, 1 is big.

Maybe there wasn’t any room for nego at all, it was just a C&D takedown.

But once again, no courtesy of a simple post to applogolize, yada yada. A trend it seems lately.

Sad news to all of you who fell in love with Instagress (It’s time muthafucker): by request of Instagram we were forced to close our web-service that helped you so much in your Instagram journey (so this instagram bitch called us out). We are all very sad of that but it looks like there is nothing we can do at the moment :disappointed: (and we went fuck it all)
Please, login into your Instagress account to request a refund. (take all yo money ya bitches and GTFO my site)


So MP staff, what’s the news homies. Because Instagress is big time.


What do you expect from private business entity? I am pretty you have been taught in school that private business main goal is to earn as much as profit.
In some country (most if not all) i would say that even goverment officials do not prioritize the citizens ober themselves. In serious economic crises, sometimes they break their old pension program and they set unemployment to certain level because that is the most optimized way to earn money


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Also, this topic is #1 in Google results… be warned :confounded:

Let’s hope the end isn’t near…