Instagress Shut down


What is the new service they set up? Another instagress??


It’s either this site SEO is dang great or instagress did a shitty job with their SEO. :laughing:

Freakin “instagress” only and this thread ranked 4th on my result.


Yup, MP is much better and cheaper than the overpriced instagress




Welcome to the community, now when you found Mass Planner, you should sign up for the trial, I’m sure you’ll like it more than any other service or software you used.

As you see, we have a great, helpful community here, @wortime is pretty helpful most of the time, he’s just too sensitive for searchbuttonblindness :slight_smile: don’t take it personally :smiley:


Search button top right corner.
The search function is amazing.


When I was your age we had to walk 15 miles in the snow and back just to fetch our search results. Man, times have changed.


If anyone is curious why Instagress is done it’s because they had ~1.5million unique visitors a month with almost 40% of users from the US.

If you check Massplanner, ~370k visitors a month.

BEAR DOWN THAT’S A SH*T LOAD OF PEOPLE I’d put money on it that most of them don’t want to read/don’t have the time. As the once noob who transferred over from Instagress to MP, all I can say is good luck to those with the patience to reply to posts all day.



Since Instagress is gone I’m sure MP will get more publicity and will eventually get big like Instagress.

@Johnny what y’all think


The only solution: bump the price to $99 per month or more, make it more exclusive and don’t make it a mass software.

The more mainstream it becomes, the shorter-lived it will be.

Exclusivity is the name of the game.

On another note, FOR SURE MpSocial needs to become a place only for people who paid for the software. No subscription, no access.

If you chicken out in 2 months, you lose the community access as well.

On a more related note, make the forum NOT visible to Google. Now that there are hundreds of thousands of people looking for a new Instagress, all of what is shared here needs to be kept as private as possible


Why would Massplanner do that though? They make money out of every ex-instagress user that comes here.


I agree at least make a section only for paid users.
99$ is too harsh. 49.97$ should be ok.


Or least temporarily make this whole forum private until the smoke clears.

On one hand, I want MP to survive with lots of profit - on the other hand, I don’t want it to become the next Instagress and go that route. What’s a safe balance?


MP wouldn’t be where they are now without us. And we wont be able to be where we are now without MP. I would’nt have found MP if someone didnt tell me about MP in the first place. Whether it’s by “xx software sucks, use MP” or “xx software is shutting down, use MP” or, “this, that, or MP, which one is better?”

While i agree cutting off attention is needed, purely from my POV albeit selfish, ultimately it is up to whoever has more money for the lawyers game.

Whether they sold themselves, or IG really did came after them, MP has probably no say if IG ever did come for them with lawyers.

Back on topic of public attention. This site’s SEO is really great. Beating even BHW in some cases. This all brings revenue back to MP to further develop tools by our request.

It’s gonna be some endless debate.


Shutting down = long game
Getting mass new users = short game


Because the math works out better like that.

1000 loyal customers x 24 months is way more than 10 000 newcomers for a 14-free trial (could be 7, not sure at this point).

Let’s be honest, MP is complicated and has a steep learning curve. It is not for everyone so a lot of the Instagress folks will not stay beyond the trial, or first month.

Check this out:


Automate IG !

//behind the scene
-Fires up MP


This has me worried now lol I hope there’s no chance this can ever happen to MP.


Been here 18 minutes and already trying to get youtube likes/views. Can we remove this please?