Instagress Shut down


Kinda felt this was coming, really got used to the simplicity of their services, But really looking forward learning more about MP seems more like what i’m looking for natural growth rather than a hit or miss!


I’m assuming the biggest reason Instagram brought down the hammer was the use of ‘Insta’ (among other things…cough).

Check out this Tweet about them opening up under a new name:


They work the same way, it’s all about settings, sources and how you use it. On a side note, dude joined an hour ago. Oh boy…


Why are you trolling on here for people using an alternative service! Why put down people looking for other options it’s a community not a competition.


First off @Adriansky I am not trolling anyone. I am serious. The settings are much the same. Actions per hour etc. You will get the same results if you do the same things you did with Instagress.

And yeah, you and like 400 people all just joined a few hours ago, I don’t see whats wrong with pointing it out. Chill out man, or your gonna have a bad time.

And while it is indeed a community, typically you have to be active in the community to be accepted. If you are just here askign for stuff all the time, your also going to have a bad time.


Its all good dude not pun intended, Just looking to get some advice from a user like you we are in it for the same reasons thats all man!

This is my first time hearing about MP and looking to give it a try thats all, just a little confusing at first is it a app or am i wrong?



Please start here, and if you notice new people, please guide them to this thread as a starter.


I am new to MP too. Just a heads up if you are a Mac user, it is only Windows compatible.


Will do thanks again for the support man!


You can use it on a mac tho. Or get a free amazon server to run it on.


This thread was supposed to be about Instagress shutting down and what that might mean for Mass Planner. Please don’t turn into a list of very basic questions/things we already know about Mass Planner. It really isn’t that difficult to find your way to, where there are numerous links to tutorials. Or why not just try entering something into the search box above?! That’s one of the great things about this community - you’ll often find detailed threads or tuturials for pretty much everything you need. Someone’s already been there and done that.

I mean all of the above in the nicest possible way. Save yourself and others time by putting a tiny bit of effort into doing some research yourself rather than spamming this thread.

I take it MPSocial is now open to anyone, including prospective users and/or spammers?


It has been for some time now. AKA forever.


Hi, you look like a human being. I just registered how do I mass plan?


As far as I recall, I was only able to register with the email address I’d used to subscribe to MP.


Nah, anyone can, and has been joining. Trust me.


Thanks @Johnny. I wasn’t expecting reassurance along the lines of: “MP will be around forever”, but perhaps someone knows more about how and why Instagress were shut down. Some have suggested elsewhere that when logging into Instagress they was given a message related to “Insta” being a trademark, and the similarity between the Instagress and Instagram names. Could be BS, who knows?!


Could be?

It is as BS as they come.

A) anyone with a bit of common sense would know that copyright might be at play when you name your company like this. The fact they’ve been around for as long as they have, means IG didn’t care.

B) if I have a business and I need to make a choice between shutting it down and renaming it - the choice is quite clear. If it was all about the name, the solution is easy.

C) of course they are not going to tell the real story publicly. This sounds believable enough for the average user, plus they can blame IG for the whole thing.


The real questions we should be asking are

  1. Have FL or MP been contacted about this kind of problem before
  2. What was it that IG didn’t like? Accessibility to the service Instagress provided, or the results that Instagress gave? Or both?
  3. Did spam comments piss off IG, or was it follow/unfollow?


Of course the name issue isn’t the full story, that’s pretty obvious isn’t it?! But it could be a part of the story.

Perhaps Instagram were wiling to put up with them until they became too big? And now it could well be part of any potential litigation threats aimed at them.


Thanks @Josh - my thoughts exactly.