Instagress Shut down


I was switching from Instagress to MP about a month ago, and found in their terms that they offered refunds on unused time.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t agree with you.

They totally knew they had it coming. They used ‘insta’ in their name, that is step 1 to getting shut down for sure.

EDIT: Who’s to say that Instagress didn’t ship off a big list of users to Instagram :zipper_mouth:


A few other sites were forced to close down and pivot there business. My guess is that Instagram didn’t ‘request’ they sent a cease and desist.’

Instagram def didnt’ pay them. This is a legal play. We need to pay close attention to it.


Trust me, Instagram knows about all of this. They have departments of people handling this. As long as they keep their API open to third party apps then there will be products to do what we do.


Through lawyers is the only logical explanation. You bring up a great point, they didn’t say ‘i quit.’ I bet this was a legal case they lost. More will be dropping off soon.


Can’t they just change their name if that is the case instead of completely shut down their service


Wait. When was instagress founded? When was MassPlanner founded? ANd When was Followliker founded? Are they all founded almost at the same time??


Thanks @Johnny @Said or @Adnan, whoever removed that video…cheap youtube views for spamming a forum…sheesh


More the reason why it was a cease and desist letter and not a friendly “you’re name sounds a lot like us.”

Sometime in 2014?

Idk, 2015? (someone can fill in here)

I think also around 2015, again someone else can fill in here.


110 posts on a very bad piece of software…waste of your time!

move on and enjoy mp for all new customers!


As stated earlier, massplanner gets around 370k visitors a month. Do you really think Instagram doesn’t know abot MP or Followliker? It’s right on the first page when you search for “Instagram automation”.

The only way to prevent Instagram from banning is making a group of like 100 people and hiring a private developer.

I don’t know if it’s allowed to code such a tool, but if it isn’t and Instagram really wants to prevent botting, I see dark times coming for MP.

However, I don’t really think it’s illegal, otherwise they would’ve taken down every software a long time ago. I guess Instagress was taken down because they either had financial problems, copyright issues or IG gave them money to stop the software.


It says it all on their webpage and Twitter. Forced to shutdown as Insta and Instagram are trademarked.


Exactly what I thought. You have to be really stupid to use name of such a big company and expect everything will go unnoticed.

I know, “Instagress” sounds good for marketing purposes, but using it in these times when anyone can take down your domain just because you use one word contained in their business name… it’s just nonsense.


i think they can recover under a new name.
they have email database of all the users the have before shut down.
if it’s indeed a trademark issue !


Let’s hope they do, for the sanity and continued safety of us.


Well, it doesn’t seem that bad, either they didn’t have that many clients, or most preferred other online tools that do this cause it wasn’t that crazy on the forum since this started.


We’ll see, I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of Instagress users are keeping quiet out of fear that they’re going to get banned.

Also I find this Reddit quote pretty funny:


" Just seems to be like followliker but worst " just because the GUI is not a rainbow these people get put off :joy:


hehehehe sucks to be them lol


There are that and so many more on that thread.


WTF!? I don’t like to talk about competition, there’s a piece of cake for everyone, but FL looks like it’s made by someone on crystal meth.